Veo Platform

Veo subscription includes a lot of cool features!

When you upload your Veo recording to the platform, our highly intelligent software recognises the action on the field. With the position of players and the ball, our software creates a video for you that automatically zooms and pans depending on the ball's position.

Simply upload your Veo recording to the platform and Veo’s software creates a fully viewable recording of your match. Analyse your match, cut highlights and share them with your players. All in one subscription. All in one platform.

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AI + 180 degrees camera

Two 4K lenses capture the entire pitch and AI powered software automatically detects the ball and creates a broadcast experience of your matches.

Draw on Screen

Players are visual learners. Illustrate the feedback for your players with simple shapes, lines and arrows on the screen.

Tag players in highlights

Tag your players in highlights and have private conversations to help them improve as athletes.

AI detects goals and kickoffs

When the match is processed, our AI automatically suggests goals, kickoff and half-time time spots.

Comment your highlights

Write comments for each highlight and choose which players the comments should be visible for.

Directed highlights

Take over the camera and direct your own highlights. With directed highlights, every single player on the pitch can be focused on.

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI powered software uses neural networks and computer vision to automatically detect the ball’s possession and digitally pans and zooms in the recording. This gives the appearance of a moving camera that follows the action around the pitch even though the match is filmed with a static mounted camera.


When your match is processed, coaches and players can watch the footage on Veo’s platform. In the interactive video player, Veo’s AI marks goals and kickoff and you can use drag and drop functionality to mark your own highlights.


Automatically zooming and panning, Veo creates a broadcast view of your match so you can view like a broadcast production.


Specially designed in close cooperation with trainers, this view pans like Broadcast view, but without the zoom. It gives the ultimate overview for tactical analysis.


Become your own cameraman and pan and zoom in the video. Turn the view away from the ball and focus on the players away from the action.


Watch the full pitch and get the ultimate overview of the match. Watch every player on the pitch at the same time.


Download the full recording and export it to other applications and platforms.


Make your matches private so only you and your team can see them or public so you can show your recordings to everybody.

Invite users

Invite players and coaches to use the platform and manage your team analysis from there.

Cloud storage

Unlimited storage of your recordings lets you build an archive of your matches and training sessions.

Player profile page

Individuelle player profile pages with every highlight created.

And many more

We are constantly working on new features in close dialogue with managers, coaches and players.