Take your Veo Cam to the sky

Our carbon fiber tripod comes in two different heights. Both tripods are light, easy to set up and stable on even the windiest days.

5.2-meter tripod

Our 5.2-meter tripod is recommended for smaller pitch sizes. When collapsed, the tripod is 131 cm and weighs 6.1 kg.

7.4-meter tripod

Our 7.4-meter tripod is recommended when analyzing as it gives a good pitch overview. When collapsed, the tripod is 161 cm and weighs 7.1 kg.

Veo Tripod

Easy to set up

The Veo Tripod’s twist-and-lock extend system makes it simple and quick to set up. The tripod is a safe and firm solution to raise your Veo Cam to the sky.

Veo Tripod

Bring it anywhere

You can bring it anywhere with its compact design and lightweight carbon composite.

Veo Tripod

Stable and safe

The camera tripod stands stable and robust. For the windiest days, we’ve added a wind stability kit to keep everything in place.

Veo accessories

Veo Stadium Mount

The stadium mount enables you to deploy the camera in stadiums – indoors or outdoors. Great solution if a mounting solution is available.

Veo Ball Head

Gain complete flexibility with the ball head. Twist and turn the camera as you like to get the perfect angle and sublime recording.

Veo Tripod Bag

Tripod bag to transport your tripod. It’s compatible with the Veo carbon fiber tripods and is available for both the 5.2 and the 7.4-meter tripods.

Veo Cam 3 Flight Case

Protective case for Veo Cam 3. This solid and tough case can contain both the Veo Cam 3 and the charger.


How much do the tripods weigh?

The 5.2m tripod weighs 6.1kg and measures 131cm when collapsed. The 7.4m tripod weighs 7.1kg and measures 161cm when collapsed.

Can I travel with the tripods?

Yes, they are lightweight and easy to carry within the travel bag. They can also be taken on as regular-sized luggage with the majority of airlines.

What’s included when buying a tripod?

Each tripod purchase includes: 1x Tripod Stand, 3x Wind bracing cable kits, 3x Metal pegs, 3x Stabilizing pegs, 3x Sandbags and 1x User guide.

How do I setup the tripod?

For instructions on how to best set up the tripod, please visit this guide.

Do you have any safety instructions for the tripods?

Yes, there are safety instructions available. They are all described in this guide.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions or need further assistance, please visit our Help Center for more information. Our comprehensive resources are designed to address common inquiries and provide solutions to help you get the most out of our services/products.