Player Moments

All sequences involving a specific player are now available to watch and review. Player Moments is an excellent tool for curious players who want to study their own game and develop with video and for coaches to provide individual feedback.

Add to your player profile

Add the best of the automatic highlights to your player profile and share them with the scouts, recruiters, and coaches you want to impress.

Full control

Control the Player Moment’s sensitivity by adjusting the player's distance to the ball, time on the ball, and how much time you want to add before and after each moment.

Veo Academy

Watch the Veo Player Spotlight Walkthrough on Veo Academy

In this Veo Academy episode, Product Manager Alex Harvey-Falkboo and Coach Sam Rafique will walk you through all the things that Veo Player Spotlight has to offer you as a coach, club, player, or parent.

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