Boost the development of your players

Become a better coach and develop players faster. Veo gives you the tools to record, analyze and share the action.

Instantly review, analyze, give feedback and share game footage with Veo

Video and data are key to helping players develop their game. It quickly and intuitively shows how they are performing and where they need to focus to improve their skills.

Veo is designed to provide high-quality video and in-game data that you can use to improve your coaching sessions and to bring out the best in all your players. It is a complete suite of video recording, live-streaming and analysis tools that will take your game to the next level.

Benefits at a glance

Interactive coaching

Veo Editor automatically creates clips of key moments from your games that you can use during coaching sessions to develop your team’s skills.

A recruitment tool

Create a profile for each of your players that can be used as a recruitment tool and for sports scholarship applications.

Attract talent

Veo’s data-driven approach and analytics features can be used to attract new talents and improve coaching performance.

veo editor

The coaching tools you need to succeed

Breaking down and creating clips of your games doesn’t have to take hours. Veo Editor’s AI system automatically scans your entire game and tags the most important highlights, so you can spend less time in front of the computer and more time coaching.

Veo Editor also lets you create your own clips, tag players, make detailed comments, and even draw on the footage to provide clear coaching.


Check out how MVLA is revolutionizing youth football with Veo's tech

With an impressive roster of 95 teams and 1,300 players, MVLA exemplifies innovation in player development through the integration of Veo cameras. Gain insights into their success and envision the possibilities for your club.

clubs E-book

Next level coaching

Throughout this e-book, we are exploring the ins and outs of capturing footage and how to best use it. We will show you why video is becoming so prominent in soccer clubs, and show you how to get the competitive edge for your club, while improving its standing in the community.

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