Veo Cam 3 is the ultimate basketball camera

Record basketball games without a camera operator and never miss those memorable three-pointers or dunks ever again.

AI powered follow-cam technology

Veo Cam 3 has a built-in follow-cam technology that automatically follows the action on the court to produce the ultimate broadcast experience as you know it from TV. All you need to do is to focus on coaching and Veo will take care of the rest.

Portable and easy to set up

Veo Cam 3 is portable and weighs 1.25 kg, which makes it easy to bring to both home and away games. Simply mount the camera on a tripod, raise it up in the air and start the recording from the Veo Camera App.

Sharp video quality

New generation lenses and the introduction of HDR ensure sharp video quality and vibrant colors on all recordings.

Zoom in on any player

With two lenses, Veo records the entire court, which means that you can adjust the view and zoom in on any player in your post match analysis. Never miss a moment on the court again.


Engage your players in the post match analysis

After the game is over, the recording is uploaded to the Veo Platform for you to start your post match analysis.

In the Veo Editor, you can re-watch the entire game or create your own clips of the most important match highlights. Tag your players and comment on the highlights or use the drawing tools to demonstrate your thoughts visually – you have all the tools you need to create an engaging learning environment for your players.

Player Profile

Present your skills with our auto tracking basketball camera

At Veo, we understand the importance of getting recruited by colleges. Our player profiles help athletes secure basketball scholarships and make a lasting impression on college coaches.

Choose the highlights

Add the newest highlights from your basketball games directly to your profile using the Veo Editor.

Curate your clips

Create engaging and impressive clips from basketball game videos.

Share your profile

Present your skills and achievements in a professional format.

Give the full picture

Offer college recruiters a comprehensive view of your performance.

Basketball clubs that are already using Veo

NBA Academy

Women's Basketball Coaches Association

Desoto Basketball

International Sports Academy

Sunrise Christian Academy

"The ability of the Veo camera to not require an operator has been a game changer for us. We can conveniently record practices and games without requiring extra manpower. The footage is high quality and its ability to self-record also prevents user error."

Desoto Basketball

Kadi Creel

Associate Head Coach

Basketball e-book

Download the ultimate guide to basketball video analysis for free

Analyzing basketball with video is becoming increasingly important for player and coach development. It might be difficult to get started, but that is why we are here to help. In this e-book, we’ll walk you through the basics of basketball analysis and provide examples of how to present your insights to the team.

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