Analyze and advance with Veo Editor

Veo’s AI automatically breaks down your entire game and tags the most important highlights. Game key moments like goals and shots on goal for football, tries and penalties for rugby, face-offs/draws and shots on goals for lacrosse, and many more are tagged up. You quickly get an overview – detected and delivered for you. This way, you can quickly browse the game’s most important moments.

More time for analyzing will strengthen your analyses and help your team and players grow. That’s why Veo Editor’s time-saving analysis features like AI highlights, Speedrun, and Playback speed make for an ideal post-match analysis tool.

Create engaging learning experiences with Veo

Players are visual learners. Use video to create educational content for your players. Help each player develop their skills and guide the team to victory with Veo.

Choose the highlights

Add the newest highlights to your profile and keep it updated. You can add the clips directly from the game recording in Veo Editor.

Create your own clips

As the Veo Cam records the full field at all times, you can create highlights of exactly the moments and areas of the pitch you want. You can zoom, pan, and trim the video how you like.

Tag and comment

Tag players and write comments on each highlight to help your players develop and grow. You can tag players, groups, or the entire team


Make your points stand out with spotlights, shapes, lines, and arrows. Stop the recording, draw on the screen, and share with the players.


See the game’s progression

On the multi-dimensional timeline, you can quickly get an overview of each specific kind of highlight – and at which time and sequence it happened. All ready to present to your players.


Skip the stoppage

Skip the moments where the ball goes out of play with Speedrun. It automatically cuts when players run to collect the ball for throw-ins, corners, goal kicks, etc.

Playback speed

Control the pace

Speed up or slow down the playback speed. You can fast forward to the greatest moments and slow down and enjoy them to the fullest.

Different views

Get a different perspective

Watch your recordings in three different views: Watch the broadcast-like standard view with Veo follow-cam that pans and zooms, depending on the action on the field. Take over the camera and focus on exactly what you want in Interactive mode, or see the entire field with the Panorama view.


Your personal notes – always at hand

Write your reflections for each game to the match summary that already includes the score, who played, and other details. This way, you can add your comments with more context and easily dive back into a game.

Share the moment

Save your highlights and share your greatest moments with friends and family

Filter and download the highlights. Export them into your favorite platforms and share them with anyone you want. You can choose any moment of the game and turn it into a lifetime memory.

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Experience the power of Veo by signing up for our free demo account. You’ll get access to real Veo footage and are able to explore and test out all the Veo Analytics features.

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