Help your child reach their goals

Record, share and relive the action with Veo.

Veo - The best tracking video camera and software for sports


Your front row seat to every game

Record, rewatch and relive all of the exciting moments from your child’s games. With Veo, you always get the best view of the action and never have to worry about missing a precious moment.


Elevate your child's sports journey

Get access to innovative features such as live streaming, highlights, player profiles and much more to capture, stream, analyze and relive the action. Save the most memorable moments and celebrate progress with Veo - the future of sports.

Follows the action

Veo automatically and intelligently follows the action of the game using AI technology.

Made to move

Weighing just 1.25 kg Veo Cam 3 is easy to take with you and can be set-up in seconds.

Built to last

Rain, snow, sun? No problem. Veo Cam 3 is designed to work in all weather conditions and features a rugged protective shell to stand up to abuse.

made for all sports

Record all of your child’s sports with Veo 3

Is your child playing multiple sports? No problem. Veo Cam 3 can be used to record and analyze all major team sports, including football, basketball, rugby, lacrosse, soccer, hockey, volleyball and more. Veo Cam 3 works for most team sports that are played with two teams on the opposite side of each other on the field or court.


Boost your child’s chances of getting recruited

College scouts can’t be at every game. Veo Player Profile gives you the tools to create a sports scholarship video of your child’s best moments on the field or on the court. This video can be used to showcase your child’s playing style, performance, spatial awareness and team work skills. Share the profile with scouts, recruiters, coaches and more. It’s the perfect companion to any sports scholarship application.


Capture and share all of your child’s precious moments

Veo Editor’s AI system automatically scans your entire game and creates clips of your child’s most important plays, so you can watch the highlights without having to watch the entire game. 
Veo Editor also lets you share highlights of your child’s games with friends and family, so they always have a front row seat for all of the action.

veo LIVE

Be their biggest fan, even when you’re away

Keep up with all the action in your child’s games, even when you can’t make it to the field. Veo Live lets you live stream any of your child’s games from anywhere – all you need is an Internet connection and compatible device.

parents e-book

The ultimate guide to help your child earn a scholarship

As the proud parent and number one fan of your young student-athlete, you are their lifeline as they begin their journey to fulfill their athletic potential. This e-book will help your child take the next step towards earning an athletic scholarship.

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