Veo Cam 3 is the ultimate lacrosse camera

Every face-off, every dodge, every attack, every play that counts – captured in HD video quality.

Record and analyze – all in one platform

At Veo, our goal is to provide you with everything you need in a lacrosse camera system. Veo is not only a camera – it’s also an analysis tool. We know that coaches are busy people, so that is why we have made every step of the Veo experience as easy as possible, from capturing the action to analyzing the game.

Portable and easy to set up

Veo Cam 3 is portable and weighs 1.25 kg, which makes it easy to bring to both home and away games. Simply mount the camera on a tripod, raise it up in the air and start the recording from the Veo Camera App.

AI powered follow-cam technology

The AI-powered follow-cam technology automatically follows the action on the field and produces the ultimate broadcast experience as you know it from TV. All you need to do is to focus on coaching and Veo will take care of the rest.

Quick access to the video footage

After the game is over, the video footage will be uploaded and available for you to study in the Veo Editor. Invite your players to the platform and they will be notified when a new recording has been added.

Develop your players

Re-watch the entire game or create your own clips of the most important match highlights. To create an engaging learning experience for your players you can tag players and comment on the highlights or use the drawing tools to demonstrate your thoughts visually.

Veo Editor

Get AI-detected events and highlights from your lacrosse games

Our AI-powered analysis tool not only provides in-depth game analysis but also includes automated highlight tagging. By identifying key moments such as face-offs/draws, free positions, goals and shots on goal, Veo helps coaches and players understand team performance and save time on game analysis.

Works for all types of lacrosse

Veo works for all team sizes, whether you play on the field, or in the box.

Lacrosse clubs that are already using Veo

US Club Lacrosse

Mass Youth Lax

Noah Homayouni Lacrosse Foundation

Igloo Lacrosse

Get started with Veo – the affordable camera system

Our aim is to provide youth lacrosse clubs with an affordable camera system. Based on your needs, we can provide you with a tailored quote outlining how much it would cost for your club to purchase a Veo camera system.

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