Record matches
without a cameraman.

Veo is a powerful sports camera that records and automatically follows the action. It's an easy and affordable solution for football to record, edit, stream and analyse their matches. Veo takes sports recording to a whole new level. And it's just the beginning.

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How it works.

Set up camera on a
4-meter tripod.

Start recording. The camera records the full football field. 

Upload the recording to Veo Cloud and let us do the hard work.

Analyse match. Mark & share highlights. Watch FollowCam or take over the direction.



AI FollowCam automatically
follows the ball.

Our revolutionary software finds and follows the ball at all times during the match. It automatically creates a video for you to watch, share or analyse. No cameraman needed.

See every angle of the game with
interactive video controls.

Revisit every event of the match – even the ones which are usually out of frame. With a simple click of your mouse, you can pan and zoom across the full pitch to find the right angle.

your sponsors.

Create revenue by adding sponsors to your match. Upload the sponsors logo and apply it directly on to the pitch or as a banner.

Coming soon

Player FollowCam.

Want to follow a player instead of the ball. You can choose to watch the match following individual players. Easily swap between different players.

Coming soon


Analyse the match
with powerful editing tools.

Substantiate your analysis with highlights easily edited through Veo, or just find the funny moment where your striker missed the chance of the century!

Auto Highlights.

It’s easier than easy – it’s automatic! Veo is built to detect events in your match so you can focus on coaching. All goals and corners are automatically tagged and highlighted for you.

Interactive Highlights.

View your highlights from every angle. Direct the camera in full 180 degrees and adjust pan and zoom levels. With Veo, you never have to worry about missing a moment.

Coming soon

Grids, zones and positioning.

Ever had problems helping players understand where they should be during a game? Visualize your match strategy by adding animated grids into your videos.

Draw and add animations to your videos.

Video is the perfect way to show what’s not working for a player. Increase impact and understanding by adding helpful graphics with Veo’s simple tools.

Coming soon

Share, communicate and coach.

With Veo it is easy to interact with players. Share important video clips and discuss strengths and weaknesses.

Export / Integration.

Export your videos to other platforms of your choice. Choose your output and download. We are happy to investigate the opportunity to integrate Veo automatically, feel free to reach out.

Coming soon

Share with fans and social media.

All VEO highlights can easily be shared on Facebook or with friends and family outside your team.

Coming soon

AI Statistics.


Veo automatically gathers useful and interesting data. Our AI detectors give you advanced analysis and statistics based on ball & player position throughout the match.

Dynamic 2D map.

The 2D map is a graphical top-view display of your player positions. This offers a more tactical overview than the video highlights and updates dynamically throughout the match.

Coming soon

Individual Player Statictics.

Find and compare individual player statistics. Statistics that usually require a lot of time spent on tagging every movement are now available automatically.

Coming soon

Dynamic heatmaps.

Advanced visual positioning for all players. Heatmap changes dynamically throughout the match, offering you an overview of player positioning like never before.

Coming soon

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Navne Navnesen, FC Nordsjælland
Size and Weight

256 x 175 x 70 mm
Approximately 350g

Camera Lens

2 x 4K (3840x2160) recording 4K/30fps at 100mbps
New generation Ambarella A9SE75 Chip, Sony IMX377 Sensor, and 7 layers of high-quality LCE glass lenses

Camera Casing

Weatherproof casing for use in all weather conditions.

Storage and RAM

2 x 64 GB removable SD-card storage


15600mAh removable battery
2.5 hour recording

App Availability

Desktop & iOS

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