Record and stream your matches
without a cameraman

Veo is a complete and affordable solution that helps sports clubs record and stream matches and training sessions.
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How it works

Find out how Veo is creating the most simple and intuitive solution for recording and streaming matches.

Recordings made simple

No more hassle to record matches. Start the Veo camera, and we will record all the action, so you can enjoy the match.
The Veo camera mount holds two 4K cameras that records a 180 degree panorama video of the full pitch.
No cameraman is needed. The Veo video software will handle it for you.
Upload your matches and share them with friends and family.

Automated Video Production

The Veo video software uses high-end technologies to recognise the action and creates a professional quality video production. No manual editing is needed.
We will zoom and pan in the video to give you the best possible view of the action.
We will automatically recognise goals and other highlights.
Watch all the matches and highlights on our streaming platform.

Interactive panoramic video player

The Veo video player gives you the ability to watch the match at the angle and zoom that you desire.
Watch the match from the automated video production, or drag the video to your preferred camera angle.
Mark your own highlights and funny moments and share them.
Coaches will have a unique ability to analyse and improve teams with the expanded view and highlight editor.
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