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This is who we are.

Veo is driven by passion.

A passion for the game. And for making a difference. This is who we are and why we exist.

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Sacrifice. Unity. Hope. Despair. Joy.

Nothing is as human as sport.

It reveals us, shapes us, guides us, breaks us and makes us.

Sport connects us – our clubs, our communities and our countries.

Sport is the best of us.

So we give our best to sport.

By giving every player and every team every chance to take their game and their sport up a level.

And to take us all with them.

We believe

We believe in the power of technology to amplify sport’s positive impact in our world.

Technology has the power to make players better players and coaches better coaches. And we empower them to lift their sport.

As skill levels rise, the level of entertainment soars. Players are inspired to play, coaches are inspired to coach. More connections are created, more careers are forged, more memories are made.

Sport reaches new heights, inspiring us all to reach higher.

"I'm proud to be a part of a team that helps players all over the world improve their game."
Sofie Degn Nielsen
Marketing Coordinator

We challenge

We challenge the idea that sports technology is only for the elite.

Only a few make the cut to a pro career. Some didn’t take their chance. Many never had it. Sports tech is just one of the many unfair advantages for those that make it.

We are levelling the playing field by making sports tech for all – not just the privileged few.

Because we all have greatness in us, and we all deserve the chance to show it.

Our mission

Our mission is to make sports technology accessible to all.

Advanced technology in the world of sport is unfairly distributed, and we’re on a mission to change that.

Professional teams and players in wealthy nations have the latest high-end technology, while millions of talented players are left behind.

We’re changing the game by making game-changing technology accessible to all.

Our edge

Advanced sports tech doesn’t get easier than this.

It’s not easy to build great tech – but it should never be hard to use it.

Coaches are busy people. With Veo, they can dedicate their time on the pitch to coaching, not filming.

Off the pitch, Veo makes it simple for coaches and players to analyse their game and easy for parents, fans and athletic directors to stream and share every moment on any device. Anytime, anywhere.

"I honestly believe we can change the world of football."
Tobias Lindberg
Senior Deep Learning Researcher

Our Promise

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