Shot map

Teach your players when to shoot and when to pass with the interactive and engaging shot map. Click the dot and watch the finish.

Pass strings

Keep track of your team’s pass strings. How many times do they pass the ball before finishing or losing it? Understand how good your team is at keeping the ball and moving it around.

2D radar

Get an overview of your players’ position at any given time of the game. Analyze the movement, positioning, and runs to get an insight into your team’s tactical performances.

Momentum graph

Get quick insight into which team is controlling the game's momentum. The data is generated using a combination of player positions and running speed.


See your or the opponent’s positioning throughout the match or in specific game periods. Learn how your team uses the space and recognize where there is room to exploit your opponent.

Advanced match stats

Get a quick insight into which team is controlling the game's momentum. The graph is calculated using the speed of the players and the ball, their position on the field, and the AI tags.

Progression chart

Chart your development

Select your key metrics and see how your team is performing and progressing throughout the season – and from year to year. Compare the stats you find important and characteristic of your team’s philosophies.

Game maps

Uncover trends in finishing and passing

For each of Veo Analytics’ game maps (shot map, pass location, and pass strings), you can see the total combined data from the games in your library – not just from one game. This means you can spot tendencies over time.

Comparison radial

Compare performances over time

Compare metrics between different teams within your club or your own team in different periods. With the diamond shape, you can see how different teams perform on the parameters you choose. You can compare each of our AI-powered statistics.

Player stats

Track the individual progress

Get a stats tally for each player, and track the individual development. The personalized player stats are available with Veo Analytics, and players can add the data to their player profile.

Veo Academy

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Learn how to make the most of the Veo Analytics tools in your post-match analysis. We’ll take you through a series of lessons about using the data available with Veo Analytics to help improve and develop your team and players.

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