Record all team sports with Veo Cam 3

Capture the moments that really matter and watch them over and over again.


No need for a camera operator – Veo Cam 3 records your games automatically

With the built-in AI powered follow-cam technology, Veo Cam 3 automatically follows the action on the pitch to produce the ultimate broadcast experience as you know it from TV.

It doesn’t matter whether you play with a soccer ball, puck or any other type of ball – Veo Cam 3 works for most team sports that are played with two teams on the opposite side of each other on the pitch. These sports include but are not limited to volleyball, football, ice hockey, field hockey, handball, futsal, netball, GAA hurling and GAA football.

Zoom in on any player

With two lenses, Veo records the entire court, which means that you can adjust the view and zoom in on any player in your post match analysis. Never miss a moment on the pitch again.

Sharp video quality

New generation lenses and the introduction of HDR ensure sharp video quality and vibrant colors on all recordings.

Portable and easy to set up

Veo Cam 3 is portable and weighs 2.7 lbs, which makes it easy to bring to both home and away games. Simply mount the camera on a tripod, raise it up in the air and start the recording from the Veo Camera App.


Engage your players in the post match analysis

After the game is over, the recording is uploaded to the Veo Platform for you to start your post match analysis.

In the Veo Editor, you can re-watch the entire game or create your own clips of the most important match highlights. Tag your players and comment on the highlights or use the drawing tools to demonstrate your thoughts visually – you have all the tools you need to create an engaging learning environment for your players.

Get started with Veo – the affordable camera system

Our aim is to provide youth clubs with an affordable camera system. Based on your needs, we can provide you with a tailored quote outlining how much it would cost for your club to purchase a Veo camera system.

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