Set a new standard

Players are visual learners and learn faster with visual support from video. Improve your league with Veo League Exchange, where coaches, analysts, and players improve their game – leading to a stronger and more competitive league.

Get eyes on the games – and the talents

Make your league open for scouts and recruiters by providing an accessible platform where all the games are available to watch directly from the cloud.

Opponent scouting – a benefit for everybody

Invite your teams to scout each other before the games. Better opponent preparation across the league will improve the level and create a more competitive tournament.

Share games with just a click

The League Exchange allows coaches to share their recordings with the rest of the league’s teams with just a click. You can upload both Veo and non-Veo recordings to Veo League Exchange.

The ease of use you know from the rest of Veo’s universe also applies to the league exchange. The platform gives an accessible overview of the league’s matches and allows quick access for everybody.

Import to Veo Editor

Coaches and analysts can transfer all Veo recordings from the League Exchange to the Veo Editor and use all the available analysis features. This includes the opponent’s games, so the teams can get the ideal preparation for each game.

"Veo is the best solution for us that enables all of our clubs to share video through an intuitive League Exchange."

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Barry Ritson


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