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What is Veo League Exchange?

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Set a new standard

Take your league to a new level with the Veo League Exchange. Coaches, analysts, and players can scout opponents and improve the league’s standards.

Create a high-performance environment for the coaches where data-driven evaluation is a natural part of educating players.

Give the players the best chances to impress scouts and recruiters.

Share games with just one click

Veo’s League Exchange is easy to use and allows coaches and admins to share their Veo recordings with the league with just one click.

The interface gives an easy overview of the league’s matches and allows quick access to all users.

Get eyes on the game – and talent

Make your league attractive for scouts and recruiters by providing an accessible platform where all the games are available to watch directly from the cloud.

Promote the league as a modern and forward-thinking organization with Veo’s AI-powered solutions for recording and analyzing.

"Veo is the best solution for us that enables all of our clubs to share video through an intuitive League Exchange."

Barry Ritson President, Development Player League

See how it works

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Does the Veo League Exchange only work for games recorded with Veo?
Do all the league’s teams need to be Veo users?
Can you live-stream through the Veo League Exchange?
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