'We’ve used it all the way from under-23’s to the under-9’s. The older the players get, the more we use it for tactical reasons, team shape, back four getting up, track positioning. For the younger group: the foot techniques, the passing of the ball, and good highlights of themselves, basically. The fact that we can leave the camera on mount and just leave the camera up standing and it follows the ball is a really good feature. We film every game. I think it’s really beneficial for the players and for the team, moving forward.'

Shawn Young

Performance analyst for Burnley’s under-18 team.

Sydbank Pokalen, Denmark

Veo and Sydbank has partnered to record the early stages of Sydbank Pokalen (Danish equivalent to the FA Cup). More than 250 matches have been recorded so far.

'Veo is an innovative solution that offers something special that every club and player finds attractive. So we knew we could create something special with the combination of our access to the tournament and Veo’s unique technical solution.'

Mads Strib Sørensen

Head of sponsorships, Sydbank

Hellerup Idrætsklub, Denmark

HIK is one of Denmark's biggest clubs with a massive focus on the youth department and talent development. They use video technology for individual feedback for the younger players to prepare them for a life as professional footballers.

'Our objective is to develop players who can live off football and move from one level to another. Veo is a unique tool to do individual analyses of players. They study their moves so they can take responsibility for their own progression.'

Philip Hansen

Head of talent development, Hellerup Idrætsklub

FC Inter Turku, Finland

FC Inter has brought Veo to the top tier of Finnish Football. The clubs’ new Spanish coaching team has implemented video technology as a natural part of their processes.

‘We don’t like use tech only for being “modern staff”. The strategy is giving the players only the tools they need to perform better, not giving something that really doesn’t help anybody. We want to use tech that doesn’t give us extra work time.’

Sergio Almenara

Assistant manager, FC Inter Turku

Sønderjysk Fodbolddommerklub, Denmark

The local referee club in Southern Jutland, Denmark, uses video technology when they evaluate the referee’s performance. This way, they can develop even better referees who’s more aware of how they can improve body language, positioning and leadership attitude.

'The purpose of using Veo is to develop our pre-talents and qualify them for even bigger matches. This could for instance be the ref's running pattern, ref's ocation in case of freekick and offsides. It could also be the act in how the referee handles certain situations as for instance given a reprimand or yellow-red card, and so on. It is very useful for the referees to observe themselves in the way they act and run during these matches.'

Jens Biel

Board member, Sønderjydsk Dommerklub (South Jutland Referee Club)

Ottawa Futuro, Canada

Veo was introduced to the North American market in the summer 2019. Ottawa Futuro was one of the first clubs in Canada to start using the camera.

'My club has started using Veo - wow! Sounded too good to be true when I was told about it. But it lives up to every word I heard. Auto-follows the ball. Tactical cam and zoom in. Everything. Highly recommended!'

Jed Davies

Head Coach, Ottawa Futuro

CD Trintxerpe, Spain

C.D. Trintxerpe in the Basque city San Sebastián has started investing massively in their player development after becoming partnership club with their townsmen from the La Liga club Real Sociedad. Recording matches on all levels is a vital part of how they prepare youngsters for a higher level and build culture and team cohesion.

'We believe that being able to record matches of our teams gives our coaches the possibility of improving both tactical and technical aspects both at the level of the player and the team. It is also helping us to get more and more players, family and fans to follow us on our social networks since we publish videos recorded with Veo.'

Joseba Sein

Sporting coordinator, CD Trintxerpe KE

Brunswick City, Australia

Talent development has a tendency to allocate its resources to top tier talents only. But   in the Australian club Brunswick City they aim to make it possible for even semi-professionals to reach the limit of their talents.

'Veo allows the coaching staff to tag highlights or pieces of data and share them with players which is invaluable when you’re dealing with semi-professionals who’s not in the club every day, but still want to improve and compete at their threshold.'

Riccardo Marchioli

Head coach, Brunswick City SC

Burton Albion FC, England

Burton Albion FC uses Veo at their academy with the goal of developing and preparing players to play in the first team which is currently in the third tier in the English league system.

'The ability for our coaches to film games without a cameraman using the easy to use tripod and VEO camera has benefited our players greatly with always having match footage rain or shine.'

Dan Robinson

Academy Manager, Burton Albion FC

Jysk-Fynske medier, Denmark

Jysk-Fynske medier is a Danish local media who has decided to film matches from the local league in the region of Funen.

'Lower league football has thousands of players on Funen and a lot of them and their families like to keep up to date with results and comments from coaches on our site and in the newspaper. The ability to also deliver video of goals is an extra dimension to our coverage.'

Silas Bang

Editor of Video and Digital Tools, Jysk Fynske Medier

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