Record your basketball games automatically
No camera operator needed

Record and analyze basketball games in no time.

Veo is the complete and affordable solution for basketball teams – big or small – to record and analyze games and practices automatically.

The camera records with two sharp 4K lenses and captures the action in a wide 180-degree format in great video quality.

Recording basketball has never been easier!

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Veo’s platform comes with lots of cool features!

When you upload your Veo recording, our highly intelligent software recognizes the on-court action and creates a video that automatically zooms and pans when needed.

But don’t worry, you still have full control!

The Veo camera records the full scope of the court at all times, allowing you to see whatever nook and cranny by simply using your mouse to drag the camera to the place on the court you want to see.

Four different views

Watch your recordings in four different views. Take over the camera and focus on exactly what you want.

Create and share highlights

Create your own highlights, write comments, tag players, download and share every highlight.

Draw on screen

Players are visual learners. Illustrate the feedback for your players with shapes, lines and arrows.

Directed highlights

Take over the camera and direct your own highlights. Every action on the court can be in focus.

Coming soon!

Automatic highlight detection

When your game is processed, Artificial Intelligence automatically detects highlights.

  • AI finds points, possessions and tip-offs.
  • Save time and get a quick overview of your game.
  • Download and share highlights.

The Veo equipment is really easy to install and has allowed us as a college to capture some brilliant moments on camera. We’ve been allowed to use the Veo software, not just for our football academies, but also for our rugby academies too, capturing some brilliant highlights – with tries and penalty kicks – for our coaches and players to be able to analyse in the classroom.

James Buhleman
Academy Sport Manager, Easton College

Veo is the whole package. You are guaranteed great footage and it’s a straightforward system which makes it easy to learn. I love that I don’t have to go anywhere else in order to film, view and edit games of my teams; it’s all possible under the Veo platform. Another great function is the comment capability. Sometimes it’s hard to find time to meet up with my players without sacrificing on-court practice time. Being able to comment on different game clips makes it possible for me to still teach during the flow of a game, while allowing my players to view the film in their own free time.

Taylor Gleason
Head Basketball Coach, Falcon Basketball Klub

We enjoy using the Veo for our partnered basketball programs and showcases. It provides high-quality video analysis for indoor sports like basketball. We enjoy downloading clips and featuring them in our top plays countdown

Marc Lerebours​
Co-founder & CEO, In-Form Stats​

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