Ubiquitous cameras

On elite level football, cameras are ubiquitous. In the top tier clubs, everything from youth and reserve matches to set piece training sessions are being recorded for optimising talent and team performances.

For more than a 100 years, filming football matches on all levels has required a designated cameraman, an expensive football camera and an elevated platform. This has made it an exclusive experience for elite teams to rewatch and analyse their football matches.

Now it’s your turn.

Football cameras for everybody

More than 99 % of all football matches worldwide are not recorded today. Veo is an affordable and portable football camera that suits both elite and grassroots level football clubs. The recordings you make with Veo can be easily downloaded and shared with your friends and teammates for both tactical improvement and social engagement around your team.‍

More than 1,000 clubs already use Veo for recording football matches and you can be next. With Veo, you are only a few steps away from sharing your own football experiences.Want to hear more? Please don't hesitate to contact us at hello@veo.co.

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