Humble beginnings with incredible potential

In the fall of 2015, our co-founder Keld was sitting in traffic, late for his son’s football match. He began wondering ‘why is it not all football matches get recorded’. Sure, pro clubs and elite level academies record their matches, but with video technology evolving dramatically these years, why is it not possible to simply, affordably and easily record all matches – from Champions League to Sunday League? That afternoon, the idea of Veo was born.

As we began to work toward this goal of making a sports recording solution, it became clear that to do it properly, we would have to develop all aspects from the hardware to the software ourselves. Our first hardware prototypes were not much, two action cameras, a battery and an SD card. While they were a hassle to set up, operate, and upload, they were enough to send to a selected number of clubs around Copenhagen to gather footage and begin the software development.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is not child's play. Developing the software to track a tiny football on a 3-dimensional football field recorded in 2 dimensions by 2 lenses begins to make your head spin. We began the lengthy process of dissecting hundreds of thousands of images to teach the machine what is a football and what is a football boot, a players’ shorts or a shiny bald head. After years of this, the machine has learned and continues to learn to become more accurate, not just on the ball but other aspects of the game.

Since Keld's idea four years ago, Veo has stretched across the world to every continent (except Antarctica). With approximately 250,000 coaches and players in more than 80 countries using the camera, we have recorded more than 500,000 hours. Our groundbreaking AI technology, video analysis and server infrastructure process all these recordings and provide it on a customised user friendly online platform.

The Veo team continues to grow and we are now more than 160 people in our Copenhagen office. We have developed a neural network and computer vision that can be considered revolutionary. Beyond being able to record without a camera operator, by tracking the ball and players we are able to provide extensive in-depth analysis that was impossible for most teams before.

Our mission has always been to make the sports recording and AI analysis available to all clubs, no matter the size, financial ability or skill level. Small market clubs have not previously been able to firstly, record their matches, furthermore, have access to in-depth analysis.

While the background technology can be complicated, we maintain our goal to make the process of recording, uploading, viewing and sharing your game as simple as possible. We are democratizing sports, one camera, one field, one team at a time. We’re very excited about the future that this innovative software and technology will bring to sports.

We continue to push the boundaries towards the future of sports recording and analysis.