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Relive your biggest victories
Relive and enjoy all your greatest goals, victories and amazing performances – again and again.
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Take your game to the next level
Video analysis enables you to improve as a player and recognize the areas where you can improve.
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Showcase your skills
Use video to promote yourself to scouts and recruiters. Soccer scholarship coming up!

Highlight your skills

Make highlights of every piece of the action on the pitch. Create personal highlights, and download and share your greatest moments.

Tag and comment on highlights
Tag your teammates in the highlights and make comments to evaluate your performances.

Control the view
Take over the virtual camera and pan and zoom in on the picture. Are you not in the picture? Turn the view away from the ball and focus on exactly what you want.

Set up a live stream of your games and share your performance with your friends, family, and fans, all over the world.

Create your own player profile with all your highlights

- Share your best moments with scouts and college recruiters.
- Post your greatest achievements on social media.
- Create an album and never forget your most memorable times.

I often like to watch myself play to see what I did wrong or what I did well. Just to help me become better.

Áslaug Munda GunnlaugsdóttirBreiðablik and Iceland National Team

If you can see directly what you could have done better, things can be implemented more easily

Konstantin GerhardtFootball player, Borussia Mönchengladbach Academy

It has been great to start using Veo at Old Blues. After training the coach is able to share clips easily the following day that really helps paint a picture of what's happening and how I can improve. We used to argue a lot about what happened on the pitch, but seeing it on video makes it so much easier. There is also no place to hide from the coach.

Alex SatterfieldRugby player, Old Blues

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If you are not satisfied with your Veo, you may return the item within 30 days from the receipt date for a full refund.
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Handbuilt in Denmark
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