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Away games at your doorstep

Don’t let distance or time be an issue. Live-stream away games and have loved ones and fans tune in from home.

Never miss a moment

With Veo live-streaming

Start your live-stream and give your fans the ultimate streaming experience with a few simple clicks

Put your talent out there
Engage your fanbase
Give live updates
Instant access to the video
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Veo Live

One app – all your games

All your live-streamed games can be found in the Veo Live app. You can cast them to a larger screen for a large-as-life experience.

Link to individual matches – or encourage fans to follow your club in the app. With notifications whenever you go live, they’ll never miss a game again. 

The Veo Live app is available for anyone to download.

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Does the camera come with a data plan?
Can you use the SIM card for your cell phone to enable live-streaming?
How good is the quality of the live-stream video?
Will viewers be able to watch the live-stream on TV?
Can the video be streamed outside of the Veo Live app (e.g. Facebook or Youtube)?
Can I live-stream a training session?
Is there a latency of the live-stream to real-time?
Can I live-stream with my Veo Cam 1?
How many people are able to watch the live-stream at the same time?
How much data will a live-stream consume?
How well does Veo live-streaming work in remote areas?
Can I live-stream other sports than football?
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