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Unlock powerful insights to understand your game better than ever and use the data to quickly identify where there's room for improvement. Get your game (analytics) on.

Dig into the details with advanced analytics

Advanced match stats

Get an overview of both teams’ passes, possession, shots, and other match events with Veo’s AI-generated match stats.

*Currently only for football

Shot map

Teach your players when to shoot and pass with the interactive and visually engaging finishing map.

*Currently only for football

Pass strings

Keep track of how many passes your team makes before losing the ball, and get to know how good you are at keeping that ball moving. 

*Currently only for football

2D map

Get a great overview of your players’ positions throughout the game and analyze every single move.

*Currently only for football

Benchmark your team against past performances

Use Analytics Studio to track progress and check if your team is following your playing philosophy via aggregated game maps and data from the entire season.

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Learn how to make the most of the Veo Analytics tools in your post-match analysis. We’ll take you through a series of lessons about using the data available with Veo Analytics to help improve and develop your team and players.

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