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No operator, no problem

Let the portable Veo Cam capture all the action in crisp video quality with an AI-powered follow-cam.

"Veo is the perfect tool to film training sessions or even a game. It’s a great soccer camera because it’s very easy and fast to set up, so for us it’s a perfect tool."

Maxime Chalier, Video Analyst, CF Montreal

Automatically follow the action
We built an AI into the Veo Cam – it automatically detects and follows the action on the field, so no camera operator is needed.
Stunning video quality
Two 4K lenses give you the crisp resolution you want when you share your best moments with the world.
Portable and easy to set up
Mount the Veo Cam on a tripod, raise it, and start recording or live-streaming your match. Easy.
Record anywhere at any time
Everything is captured no matter the time of day (or night), and with hydrophobic lens covers, rain or snow will never blur the recording

After the game

Once the game is processed, it’s ready for you to watch and study in your Veo Clubhouse with automatically detected highlights and a pro-level follow cam.


How long does the battery life last?
How long does it take to charge the battery?
Does the camera have the ability to record while charging?
Is the charging of the camera USB-C?
How much storage space is there on the camera?
How does the camera connect to the Internet?
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