Record football matches without a cameraman with Veo

At Veo, we have the ambition to make the recording of your football matches as easy as possible. With Veo you can record, analyse and mark every highlight of your football match. In your Veo account you can see your highlights, download them and easily share them. No cameraman needed, our software does it all. By tracking the action we create a broadcast view that follows the ball. By capturing the entire field we can also give you the controls with our panorama and interactive viewers.

In other words, Veo is how to record football matches.

So, how does Veo work?

Veo is an easy-to-use camera solution for recording football matches. From ordering, activating and starting to use the camera there are only a few easy steps to follow. Upon receiving the camera from us, you’ll receive an account that gives you access to the Veo app on When you have received the camera simply connect it to your account via our app on your smartphone and you are ready to hit the field! Follow the steps on our user guide. Read the guide here.

We understand that on the football pitch minutes before a match, the last thing you want is complicated installation procedures of your technical equipment. We have made it as easy as possible to record your football match. Arrive at the field, mount your camera or place your tripod as high as possible near the centre of the pitch. Roughly half the height away from the sideline and you are ready to record.

The last step before you can start recording is confirming the full pitch is visible by checking your preview on your smartphone. Simply press the record button and your recording is underway. The process from setting up the camera to starting your recording takes most users under two minutes.

After the match

When the match has finished, you can simply stop the recording from your smartphone, connect the camera to the ethernet and the recording automatically get uploaded to your account. Within 24 hours, our intelligent software will return a fully automated video with the AI followcam, tactical, interactive and panoramic views.

While the pure video of the football match is static, the Follow Cam AI-software that processes the match after it’s uploaded will give you the experience of the camera following the ball around the pitch. Because our camera captures the entire pitch all the time, it gives you both the experience of being able to see the football match and the possibility to take over the controls and focus on tactical elements on the whole pitch.

Not only does Veo offer an affordable and portable solution to actually record your football matches. The subscription to our software provides a professional analysis tool where you can create and share highlight videos from your matches, tag players and more.

If you have any further questions about how to record your football matches, don’t hesitate to book a sales call at