Veo was named Best Analytics in Sport by The STA Group.
Veo won the category "Best Analytics in Sport" by The STA Group this weekend
May 16th 2022
There’s a revolution happening in sports coaching; it’s immediate, digital and comfortable with AI
As technology continues to fuel the rapid disruption and growth of the professional sports industry, it’s more critical than ever that grassroots sports are not left behind.
May 10th 2022
Did we record the next Puskas Award winner? We might have done so!
Oli Babington’s incredible goal went viral, and people call it the best “non-league goal ever scored”. Even FIFA has called it a contender for this year’s Puskas Awards.
May 6th 2022
How did they go in?! Watch the best goals from week 17
Once again we have a lot of brilliant strikes to present from the previous week. Find out which goals made it into our top 5.
May 5th 2022
One million games recorded with Veo
Last week, we reached a milestone in Veo. We reached 1,000,000 games recorded with our cameras.
May 3rd 2022
Kevin De Bruyne, Roc Nation Sports International and Veo combine to make the KDB Cup the best youth football tournament in the world.
Kevin De Bruyne, Roc Nation Sports International and Veo combine to make the KDB Cup the best youth football tournament in the world.
April 29th 2022
Making advanced technology accessible: the world’s first portable AI sports camera that can live-stream your games autonomously
Veo’s innovative sports camera has redefined what a camera can do.
April 28th 2022
NBA G-League Ignite Director of Operations, Kevin Tiller: “Veo was great for us”
The 2020/2021 basketball season saw a new initiative when the G-League Ignite team debuted to the world.
June 21st 2021
Q&A: John Hollinger, Former Memphis Grizzlies VP of Basketball Operations
Hollinger is known within the basketball community for his strong advocacy in regard to data and information. We had a chance to ask him a few questions.
May 7th 2021
Q&A: Lindsey Foster, CSUN Basketball Head Coach
In this Q&A, Lindsey Foster shares some advice on how to analyze video and how she and her coaching staff use video to recruit student-athletes. 
April 19th 2021
Q&A with Isaac Yacob, Sacramento Kings Assistant Video Coordinator
As a video coordinator, Isaac Yacob knows the video's impact on teams preparation and player development. So how do precisely the Kings use video recording?
March 26th 2021
Veo is perfect for schools
Gordon’s school has not only found that pupils enjoy seeing themselves play but also that they have improved as players due to the high level of analysis that Veo facilitates.
December 8th 2020
Rewriting the guide books for football clubs
Lewes FC are rewriting the guide book to running a football club and they are now, arguably, one of the most successful clubs in English football.
September 10th 2020
New types of users find value in recording football
We’ve seen new types of users who can also see the value of recording football matches.
July 3rd 2019
FC Inter brings Veo to the top tier of Finnish football
We had a talk with the club about their use of video technology for analysis and development.
June 7th 2019
C.D. Trintxerpe have their eyes on new scopes
For every user of Veo, there is a unique story. This is a story about C.D. Trintxerpe in San Sebastián.
May 19th 2019
How the Faroese Bale was seen by millions
This unusual goal in an unusual place was scored in the Faroese second-best league and went viral.
April 12th 2019
“Veo will allow us to improve all aspects of our play”
When we heard from Riccardo Marchioli, head coach of Brunswick City Soccer Club in Melbourne, Australia, we had to know more about how they use Veo.
March 14th 2019
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