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Record, live-stream, and analyze sports easily with Veo

Veo is the ultimate camera for team sports. Get ready to take your game to the next level, with an easy and simple way to record and live-stream your games. Our mission is to change the world of sports by making advanced technology accessible to all. That is why we made every step of the Veo experience as easy as possible.

Veo Cam 2 introduces various revolutionary technologies, including better lenses, 4G SIM card slot, improved microphones, instant access, weather protection, increased storage, and last but not least live-streaming! Explore the world's first portable AI camera that can automativally live stream your matches. Get ready to live-stream, have instant access, as well as stunning video quality. Everything in one camera. And everything is live.  

Let's start with the recording

As soon as your Veo is shipped you will receive a "Create your Veo account" e-mail, you will then be able to create your account, password, club and upload your club's logo. After you have entered all the information, accept the policies and click "Join Veo". You have now activated your Veo account! More information about managing Veo accounts and profiles can be found here.

Once you have received your camera, you are just a few steps away from recording. Pre-game setup only takes a few minutes, and after that you can just stay focused on the game without missing any moments.

Set up your Veo Cam 2 by following three simple steps, and you are good to go!
Mount it
Fix the camera on the tripod or stadium mount
Raise it
Elevate your camera to the sky for a great view.
Enjoy it
Press record or start live-stream and enjoy the game!

Our tripods are portable and provide stability and a professional overview of the pitch. Purchasing a tripod with your Veo is not mandatory. However, we have tested and highly recommend these.

Connect your Veo Cam to the app

Make sure you have the Veo Camera app installed on your phone. To install the app for iOS click here, and for Android click here.

1. Press the power button on your Veo Cam for 2-3 seconds to turn on the camera. Wait for the first status light to be solid, and the camera is now ready to connect.

2. Open the Veo Camera app.

3. Connect to your Veo Cam 2.

4. Once you get to the camera’s preview, you will see the “Start Recording” option at the bottom.

5. Tap on this option, and your Veo Cam 2 will start capturing the action on the pitch.

When the game or training session is finished, reconnect to the camera via the Camera app and press the red button again to stop recording. You will then have the option to give the recording a name and save it. The recording file will now be saved as a timestamp in your recordings list. You are now ready to upload the recording file to your computer.

Go live!

When you select Live-stream, the camera will also record the entire match and will become available to upload to the platform as usual. Find out more about live-streaming here. 

Let us show you how you start your live recording:

Play icon

Veo Cam 2 can live stream your games via the built-in 4G modem, over wi-fi or through a wired internet connection. This way you can share the greatest moments from the game - when they happen. Grab the spotlight, and reach your fans from the sidelines.

Watch games for all over the world with Veo's new app. Veo Live is available on iOS and Android now. Veo Live supports Airplay and Chromecast, so you can cast the match to your TV or any other bigger screen with a wireless connection.

Upload the recording to the Veo Editor from your Veo Cam 2

The next step after you have recorded the game is to upload the videos to the Veo platform, and get them processed to add all the features Veo offers. Simply connect your Veo Cam 2 to the internet using an USB-C adapter or an ethernet cable. The video should begin uploading to your Veo Club account instantly. For a complete step by step guide, visit our support page.

Now, let's get analytical

For all Veo users it is required to have a subscription for each camera in order to watch and analyze the recordings. The subscription includes the analysis platform, Veo Editor. Find out more about the different subcriptions and prices here.

On the platform you can easily analyze your games with AI-powered features. Goals, kickoffs, and other significant highlights are automatically tagged and ready to share. You will have access to these features:

Basic Event detection
When your match is processed, Veo AI detects goals, and period starts and ends - automatically! Less time searching, more time analyzing.
Play IconSee how it works
Control the view
Take over the virtual camera and pan and zoom in on the picture. Turn the view away from the ball and focus on action away from the ball.
Play IconSee how it works
Draw on screen
Demonstrate and emphasize talking points with arrows, shapes and colors. Give your players a more visual and engaging learning experience.
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Comment and tag
Tag your players in highlights and make comments for the team or private messages to players to help them reach their potential.
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Create your own clips
You can create your own clips using either the Interactive Cam or Follow Cam. Involve your players and start a conversation about what they did great and where there is room for improvement. Clips are displayed alongside AI generated clips in the highlights menu.
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Directed highlights
Direct highlights with no constraints. Every single player on the pitch can be in focus – all the time.
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How to use the Veo Editor

To access the Veo Editor, you need to log in to your account on app.veo.co. Select the video you want to watch and it will open on the Veo Editor:

You will then see three main sections on the Veo Editor:

1. Video player

2. Veo Timeline

3. Highlights creation and management panel

Depending on your role and permissions within the team, you will also be able to see the option to download, share, and more options in the upper right corner of the screen. With a panoramic view, you will be able to see the entire pitch in one shot, while the interactive view lets you control the camera to watch your match from any angle.

Learn more about the basics of the Veo Editor here.

Create a free demo account and try all our analysis features!

Make the most of your recordings with Veo Analytics

Take your analysis to the next level with AI-powered features, now available with Veo Analytics.

Get access to six more exciting features and tools, that will allow you to make the most of your Veo Recordings. Learn about all the cool new features that we have developed to allow you to analyze your games and make the most of your Veo Recordings.

2D Map
The 2D Map is a top-down visualization of the pitch. It helps you understand the position and movement of the players (and the referee) in real-time.
Play IconSee how it works
Match Momentum
The Match Momentum chart helps you to navigate the game in terms of situations where you are attacking or when you’re being pushed back by the opponent.
Play IconSee how it works
Heat map
The heat map provides a visual representation of your players' positions over time. The redder the heat map gets, the higher the concentration of play is in that area. The team picker allows you to view heatmaps for one team at a time, at any point in the game.
Play IconSee how it works
Advanced event detection
Basic event detection automatically gives you goals, and period starts and ends. Advanced event detection adds corners, penalties, free kicks, goal kicks, and shots on goal - automatically!
Play IconSee how it works
Stats overview
A table that displays how many events each team had. It automatically includes any AI detected events, and it can also display any custom tags you use when creating highlights.
Play IconSee how it works
An automated scoreboard that can be toggled on or off. It shows the score for each team, time in the game, and the breaks between periods.

How to use the analytics features

We invited coach Sam Rafique to go through some of the cool Veo Analytics features, and show us how he uses them in his daily work. The video includes the features: 2D map, heatmaps, and momentum graph.

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Veo Analytics is an add-on to your subscription and is available for all Veo users for just $10 per month.

Manage all your tasks in one platform

*Individual player profile*

Here at Veo, we want to provide you the opportunity to showcase your amazing skills on your own unique profile page on Veo.  The profile page will include every highlight you have ever created, so you can share it with scouts and recruiters. For additional information on how to create your own profile and select moments to share, read this article.

*Private highlights*

The private highlights option allows you to limit who can watch your matches and highlights, so only you and your team can watch them.


In your Veo clubhouse, you'll find all of your recorded matches and training sessions in one spot, all neatly organized and easy to find.

*Unlimited storage*

With unlimited storage you may create a complete archive of your matches and training sessions and never worry about running out of storage.

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