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The greatest part of the camera is the fact that I don’t have to worry about it and I can dedicate my time to coaching.

Gibran Tevar
U12 Head Coach, Inter Miami

The whole process from start to finish is incredibly easy and the long term benefits of this system are endless. Highlight goals and key moments of the game. Full tactical overview of the field and great quality pictures. Great product, great design, great quality.

Lee Hudson
Youth Development Director, Liverpool FC International Academy in Michigan

Excelsior Rotterdam has been using Veo for 5 months now, we are very satisfied with the product. In terms of price it is very favorable. All youth and first and second teams are using Veo. The power of Veo is the service.The employees are immediately available for you. Veo is a new product that is constantly developing.

Marco Gentile
Video Analyst, S. B. V. Excelsior

Veo is an innovative solution that offers something special that every club and player finds attractive. So we knew we could create something special with the combination of our access as sponsors for the Danish FA Cup and Veo’s unique technical solution.

Mads Strib Sørensen
Head of sponsorships, Sydbank, sponsor of the Danish Cup

For us, using technology is important only if the use of that is to increase the quality of the process. The strategy is giving the players only the tools they need to perform better, not giving something that really doesn’t help anybody. We use Veo as we want to use tech that save us time and doesn’t give us extra work time.

Sergio Almenara
Assistant Manager, FC Inter Turku

The ability for our coaches to film games without a cameraman using the easy to use tripod and Veo camera has benefited our players greatly with always having match footage rain or shine.

Dan Robinson
Academy Manager, Burton Albion FC

The ability to deliver video of goals is an extra dimension to our coverage of lower league football on Funen.

Silas Bang
Editor of Video and Digital Tools, Jysk Fynske Medier

The purpose of using Veo is to develop our pre-talents and qualify them for even bigger matches. This could for instance be the ref’s running pattern, ref’s ocation in case of freekick and offsides. It could also be the act in how the referee handles certain situations as for instance given a reprimand or yellow-red card, and so on. It is very useful for the referees to observe themselves in the way they act and run during these matches.

Jens Biel
Sønderjydsk Fodbolddommerklub (South Jutland Referee Club)

Veo makes me feel like I’m a bit of a pro player, like if I was watching myself on TV. It’s something special and I’m glad we have access to it.

Lundon Durand Browne
Football Player, Montreal Impact U19

For me as an analyst, Veo is a game changer. Before, I filmed all the matches myself. Now, I can code live because the camera is doing the filming for me. For us, it’s a perfect tool.

Maxime Chalier
Academy Video Analyst, Impact Montreal

I am really happy to have Veo with us. The system that follows the ball is amazing because you don’t need more than to set up the camera on the field and have attention to the game. After that, you get amazing videos with nice quality for analysing what happens during the game. I really recommend this system for developing the education on football.

Sergi Angulo Lerín
Director, RCD Espanyol de Barcelona Academy Stockholm

The fact that we can mount the camera and just leave it up standing and it follows the ball, is a really good feature.

Shawn Young
U18s Performance Analyst, Burnley FC

Veo has literally transformed our football programme. For years we have been searching for a solution to video matches, tag events, analyse the footage, and share with the staff and players. I had given up on finding a one fits all solution that was both affordable and not reliant upon having staff to film, edit and produce the footage. Veo literally is all this and more. We put the camera at the top of the tripod, press record and then plug it in when we return to the office. Veo’s “bots” do the rest and by the time the players wake up the next morning, they have tagged match footage that is excellent quality and follows play. All of this without a human having to control a camera or edit the footage…incredible. We are using it for other sports with the same precision which means more of our students are gaining the benefit that it clearly brings.

Jono Santry
Head of Football at City of London School and Head Coach of ISFA U18

Our objective is to develop players who can live off football and move from one level to another. Veo is a unique tool to do individual analyses of players. They study their moves so they can take responsibility for their own progression.

Philip Hansen
Head of Talent Development, Hellerup Idrætsklub

Veo allows the coaching staff to tag highlights or pieces of data and share them with players which is invaluable when you’re dealing with semi-professionals who’s not in the club every day, but still want to improve and compete at their threshold.

Riccardo Marchioli
Head coach, Brunswick City SC

We believe that being able to record matches of our teams gives our coaches the possibility of improving both tactical and technical aspects both at the level of the player and the team. It is also helping us to get more and more players, family and fans to follow us on our social networks since we publish videos recorded with Veo.

Joseba Sein
Member of the Coordination Board, CD Trintxerpe KE

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