Veo Editor: Now better, faster and better-looking too
August 12th 2022
Anna Fjelldal

We are excited to announce some new updates to Veo Editor. This includes a new interface, making it easier to quickly review and break down game footage. Additionally, we are introducing a new feature called Journal, as well as improved drawing tools. All the new updates are available to all Veo customers, regardless of their subscription level and sport. Keep reading to find out more about the improvements.

Our updated design makes it easier than ever to break down game footage

Our new interface is designed to give coaches and players the best video footage experience by letting them see as much of the video as possible at all times. All of the existing features are still available, but they have been shuffled around to be more accessible. We’re introducing a new sidebar menu, where each menu item now triggers a feature.

The sidebar menu provides quick access to most of the features you need. You will still be able to expand the match momentum chart and the timeline from the chevron at the bottom of the page. As a result, you'll be able to see the video in a larger version without taking any extra actions. Ultimately, this new interface will allow us to fit more features in, and we believe it will improve the user experience and help coaches and players get the most out of their game analysis. 

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Introducing Journal - a place to communicate your thoughts to the team

This month we are announcing a new feature to the Editor: Journal. As a coach, it is essential to be able to communicate your thoughts and observations to your team at all times with little to no effort. The Journal is a great tool that allows you to do just that. With no character limit, coaches can easily explain their points in how much detail they want and share them with their team.

Admins and Editors from the team the video is assigned to can write and edit free text that is saved with that video. All roles and permission levels on the team (Admin, Editor, Viewer) can view the Journal, but it is not accessible to public (non-logged in) users. We hope you find this new feature helpful.

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Update to the ‘Draw on screen’ feature

The ability to ‘draw on the screen’ is a must-have for coaches. We build our product for coaches, and coaches need drawing tools to demonstrate their points, reinforce learning and educate their players. This new update allows coaches to easily emphasize a point with arrows or drawings without creating a clip first. The video is now their canvas. With different colors, shapes, and free drawing, coaches can use this new feature to its fullest potential. So get ready to go crazy with different colors and shapes for our newest feature update - the possibilities are endless.

Be aware that the drawing tools are only visible on tablet-size screens and up.

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Lightning fast platform performance

We're excited to announce that our platform performance has been optimized for even faster loading times. Highlights will now load near instantly when you open the page - even for games with hundreds of clips. This means that you can get into the action more quickly and easily without having to wait for the highlights to load. We hope that this will improve your experience as the Editor and make it even easier for you to find the highlights that you're looking for.

Make sure to check out the Veo Editor and try out the new features!

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