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How Veo works in different weather conditions
September 19th 2022

With more than 1,000,000 matches recorded in over 80 countries worldwide, we've seen many sports recorded with Veo and in quite a lot of different conditions.

The Veo Cam 2 is a compact and durable camera designed to perform in all weather conditions. So whether you’re recording a match in the middle of a downpour or capturing training sessions in the snow, you can rest assured that Veo Cam 2 will detect the ball and deliver high-quality footage.

*Record in hot temperatures* The cooling system keeps the Veo Cam cool, so you can keep recording up to 38 degrees Celsius. To avoid glare, simply place the camera behind the sun.

*Record in the rain* The camera's IP rating of IP54 means that it is water-resistant and not waterproof, so it can handle light rain without jeopardizing the quality of your recordings. However, if you are recording in heavier downpours, you may want to wipe the lenses down at halftime with a dry cloth to ensure optimal recording quality.

*Record in the snow* There's nothing like a winter wonderland match. Ensure that all rubber covers are securely closed to keep the lens clean and prevent any issues. Use a colored ball, so it's easy to see where it is against the snow.

*Record at night* With Veo, you can easily record clear video footage no matter the day. The image sensor automatically adjusts to the light levels so that you can get great recordings, even at nighttime.

Showcased videos are recorded with Veo Cam 1.

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