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How to analyze basketball

In modern day basketball, post-game analysis and review of practices play an increasingly important role. There are many ways to analyze basketball, but as a video company, we naturally focus on video analysis in this e-book.
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Section 1: Introduction
You won’t find a complete step-to-step guide to instant results for exactly your team. But we hope to inspire you to take the first steps and to make analyzing basketball a little clearer for you.
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Section 2: Find your why
The first thing you need to do is ask yourself the important question: “why do I want to analyze my team’s games?”. We will share some tips on how to find your why.
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Section 3: Observe, analyze & present
In this chapter we dig more into the merit and start looking for things to analyze when we guide you to what to look for when analyzing basketball.

This e-book will inspire you to:

- Take your first steps with video analysis - Present your analysis to the team - Match your analysis with your club’s culture

"Analyzing basketball is not the same as watching basketball. This is why we want to give you an initial understanding of video analysis and give a few tips on how to get started and make the most of your time and resources"

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