NorCal Premier Soccer x Veo

Veo and NorCal Premier Soccer are teaming up to provide league teams with the ultimate video experience.

Veo never misses a moment, filming automatically with 4K lenses at 180 degrees, and we now give NorCal Premier the opportunity to empower coaches, players, and parents with high-quality video using technology that is simple to use, upload and share. With over 250 clubs and 4500 teams taking part in NorCal competitions, Veo will help you capture those unforgettable moments.

NorCal Premier will be utilizing Veo at all NorCal-hosted events, along with posting footage on the NorCal Premier website and sharing it with college coaches.

Teams and clubs participating in the NorCal Premier, can receive a $200 discount on their camera. This offer is eligible with the purchase of any annual subscription and by using the following discount code: NorCal200 in the Veo shop or by booking a call with one of our sales representatives.

Step by step guide to get the discount:

1. Go to the Veo shop and build up your order

2. Enter the discount code NorCal200 at the checkout to get the $200 discount

3. Veo ships your camera

"Video is very helpful in providing players an effective tool to improve their football. Our partnership with Veo passes savings to clubs allowing them to film games in a more cost effective, simple manner, while providing additional value to their club members. We encourage you to take a look at Veo for your video needs."

Benjamin ZiemerPresident, NorCal Premier Soccer

"We are extremely excited to be teaming up with NorCal Premier Soccer. Our team at Veo looks forward to supporting the league by providing their players with the ultimate platform for showcasing their talent and further developing from invaluable teaching moments."

Simon BoehmeWest Coast Market Manager, Veo
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