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Iowa Soccer x Veo

DES MOINES, Iowa (October 4, 2022) – Iowa Soccer is proud to have Veo join the ranks of sponsors of the organization. Iowa Soccer members will have access to a member discount towards the camera and subscription technology, and the organization will put its Veo to work within programs, offering a new dimension for participants.

Veo is a portable and affordable video solution that helps teams livestream, record, and analyze matches, and training sessions without the need for a camera operator. Veo’s camera has two 4K lenses to capture 180° that covers the entire field and utilizes AI-powered software that automatically detects the ball during filming.

Iowa Soccer member clubs will have access to a $200 discount on camera purchases. This offer is eligible with the purchase of a 1 or 2-year subscription at the team, club, or enterprise level. Please enter your information in the form below to receive your discount code that can be used in the Veo webshop or by booking a call with a sales representative.

“Iowa Soccer is excited to implement a one-stop technology solution that will allow us to integrate video analysis into player, coach, and referee development initiatives. Access to elevated video and advanced online software that allows us – and members - to create highlights and break down different aspects of performance is a powerful tool that will enhance development for all involved in the game.”

Gareth SmithChief Technical Officer, Iowa soccer

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