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Sports Recruiting USA x Veo

SRUSA and VEO are forming a strategic partnership to help improve the video SRUSA clients receive and send to the U.S. College Coaches.

This partnership gives SRUSA the ability to film at their events with ease, and with software for post-event features that will help SRUSA clients be reviewed easier by prospective Colleges in the USA.

Veo software comes with individual player profiles, allowing each player to have their own account and house their own highlights without potential scouts needing to watch the full game.

In today's current climate, video is about the only resource college coaches have for their next recruiting class. Players need full game videos, highlights, and the ability to capture all this with ease. Add to this Veo’s individual player profiles and you have the recipe for the perfect partnership.

SRUSA and Veo believe that clubs and coaches should be empowering teams with video for their prospective college-bound athletes. With video being our new normal for a prolonged period of time, the demand from college coaches for quality video is high.

SRUSA members are entitled to claim a $200 discount on the purchase of a Veo camera through our strategic partnership.

This offer is eligible with the purchase of a 1 or 2-year subscription at the team, club, or enterprise level. Please enter your information in the form below to receive your discount code that can be used in the Veo webshop or by booking a call with a sales representative.

"I’ve followed Veo since they came into the market and I’m very excited they have decided to partner with us. Having this technology at all our events, and on hand for other client based games, gives our staff the freedom to know the game is being filmed automatically, but also after the game, we are able to review the footage in many different formats and angles."

Chris CousinsSRUSA Founder

"Veo are very excited to partner with SRUSA, one of the USA’s leading college recruitment agencies. Our mission at Veo is to ensure games are recorded so players can analyze their performance using the power of Video Technology. Veo and SRUSA will combine both film and player recruitment to make this possible."

Lee HudsonUS Market Manager, Veo

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