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Looking For The Best Drills To Increase Your Speed Of Play? Read on
August 4th 2022

Do you have to be fast in soccer? Well, speed in soccer can make the difference between an amateur and a pro. Speed is the fabric that binds all the other skills of a complete player and team. Therefore, any team should conduct speed-of-play soccer drills as part of their workout activities for team development.

This article will make you understand how to play quicker in soccer and the best drills to improve your soccer playing speed. You will turn into an explosive player after following these drills.

Running Uphill Work

For your team to attain optimal running speed, ensure you combine strength training with regular running. Gym-specific exercises such as squats and leg extensions will boost overall strength and muscle power, but the downside to these workouts is that no running is involved.

On the contrary, a workout such as a hill sprint will require running while trying to overcome gravitational pull. As a result, muscles contract, resulting in faster and longer strides. Also, players will develop great arm movement mechanics and proper acceleration, which are essential in soccer.

How To Execute The Drill

1. Identify a hill close to your training grounds.
2. Allow the players to warm up for a few minutes before beginning the Drill.
3. The players should run up the hill for 5 seconds before walking downwards.
4. They should then run for 7 seconds uphill and then walk downhill.
5. Request the players to run for 10 seconds before walking downhill.
6. Allow them to rest for approximately three minutes before resuming with another set. Ideally, they should complete 3-5 sets every session and repeat the workout at least once every seven days.

Stadium Stairs Speed Drill

This drill is another answer on how to improve the speed of play in soccer, especially if there is no hill around your training location. Running up the stairs in your stadium, like running uphill, helps players develop endurance and build power.

Unlike running on a flat surface, the thing with running upstairs is that players get to involve their hamstrings, glutes, and hips more dynamically. Also, these speed-of-play soccer drills are an excellent way of moving from track pounding, which can become monotonous. The exercises are also low-impact, and thus, players are at low risk of injuries.

Drill Execution

1. Players should run up the stairs for 15-30 seconds. Ensure they do not skip any step.
2. Players should proceed to jog downstairs to the starting point.
3. Players should run up the stairs but skip one step for 15-30 seconds.
4. They should jog down again. This will be the end of the first rep.
5. The players should cool down for a minute before going for the second rep. Each workout session should have six rounds.

Soccer Flying Sprints

Soccer flying sprints will see your players improve their sprinting speed away from the traditional sprints, which may not be as effective. The drills start at low rates and then sprinting full-speed before slowing down. Therefore, the exercises help your players with acceleration and deceleration.

Your players can also make the soccer flying sprints along with other drills. The combination of the exercises will help improve their running mechanics, including maintaining the proper running posture and moving up their knees appropriately.

Drill Execution

1. Set the first cone at the starting point, the second one twenty yards away, and the third forty yards away.
2. The player should begin by jogging before accelerating to three-quarters of their sprinting speed as they approach the second cone.
3. The player will then sprint at full speed to the third cone and then decelerate.
4. They should jog back to the first cone before taking a 2-3 minutes break.
5. The player should go for the second rep. They should go for six reps every training session.

If you are wondering how to build speed in soccer effectively using these drills, try performing them at least twice every week. When sprinting, ensure players maintain a proper sprinting stance: they should be leaning forward, and their arms should be bent at 90 degrees.

Push Start Speed

One may wonder while going through this article: How is the speed used in soccer? Players must accelerate from different postures, angles, and foot positions during a match. Strikers must accelerate to beat defenders, and defenders must speed to stop strikers and wingers.

The push start speed is one of the best drills for acceleration. The workout focuses on the player's start mechanics and reaction speed. Beginners will also develop leg drive from this drill and hence get faster. On top of that, players develop hip power which is essential for lower body strength balancing.

Drill Execution

1. Have two cones and set them 20 meters apart.
2. Players will get into the push-up position at the first cone.
3. You will cue the player to get up and sprint to the second cone at full speed.
4. The player should then jog back to the first cone.
5. Do this 5-8 times every session.

During these drills, beginners don't have to portray a perfect posture. As such, they can get to acceleration angle naturally since they are starting slow. They can also perform the Drill without a coach to continue improving their ability to run faster in soccer.

Capture Your Drill Moments

There you have it, speed of play soccer drills to improve the speed of your players. These are just a few in a long list of exercises. And as you are practicing, make sure you are recording your workouts with a Veo camera, which will capture every moment with clarity ensuring you spot any weaknesses. Therefore, improve your speed by not missing a moment of your practice. By captured footage from every angle, you will be able to improve your player's technique and strategic positioning on the field. With technology like Veo on your side, you will have an edge over the competition. So don't wait any longer, start using Veo today to take your team to the next level.

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