Your Soccer Camera Solution

Veo is an automatic soccer camera that makes recording, uploading, analyzing and downloading soccer highlights as easy as possible.

The soccer world is changing. With sport technology playing a more impactful role in coaching, analysis and player development than ever before.  Recording soccer has in the past been difficult to coordinate and execute. That is until Veo introduced the soccer camera to automatically record soccer. 

Our revolutionary AI powered camera lets your record soccer without a cameraman. Simply set it up, press start and Veo does the rest. The 180 degree camera will record until you stop and save it, then automatically upload when connected to the internet. 

We receive the recording from the soccer game as a panoramic view of the entire field. Our AI software then detects the ball to present you the broadcast view that follows the play. The software detects the start and stop of the halves and marks the goals for you. You then have the option to mark your own soccer highlights, download and/or share them with players, coaches, family and friends.

Today, 99% of all soccer matches don’t get recorded. Veo is on a mission to change that the only way possible. Make soccer recording as easy as possible and affordable for all clubs or individuals. At an affordable price point our soccer cameras are perfect for teams, clubs or even parents investing in creating a highlight video for their kids to get a soccer scholarship.

Veo soccer cameras and technology is the complete solution for soccer recording, coaching and analysis. Veo makes the entire soccer recording process effortless, with no in game requirements, it can be operated by coaches themselves or even the referees and allow them to focus on the soccer game.

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