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Veo soccer camera is the complete solution for soccer recording, coaching, and analysis. Veo makes the entire recording process effortless. With no in-game requirements, it can be operated by coaches themselves or even the referees and allow them to focus on the soccer game.

Today, 99% of all soccer matches don’t get recorded. Veo is on a mission to change that the only way possible. Make soccer recording as easy as possible and affordable for all clubs or individuals. Our soccer cameras are perfect for teams, clubs, or even parents investing in creating a highlight video for their kids to get a soccer scholarship at an affordable price point.

Why you need a soccer camera in today's game

You may wonder: Why do I need a soccer camera? Isn't a regular camera good enough? Well, the soccer world is changing. Sport technology is playing a more impactful role in coaching, analysis and player development than ever before. Recording soccer has in the past been difficult to coordinate and execute. That was until Veo introduced the soccer camera to automatically record soccer games and training sessions. Record and live stream every single moment of the game with stunning video quality. Veo captures everything, so you’ll never miss a moment.

There are many reasons you should record your matches, but most importantly, it is the key to improving the analysis of your team’s performances. With video recording, your tactical analysis will no longer be a matter of your emotional and subjective memory from a match. Therefore, it will be a more objective view based on footage of the games.

Ninety minutes with eleven players means there’s a lot to see and remember. It is impossible to remember everything that has happened in the game, from standing on the touch-line focusing primarily on winning the match. Having a source to go back and rewatch the game with a focus on developing the team and players and breaking down set-pieces is essential. 

We created an e-book that includes four reasons for recording your football matches with some exclusive tips from the Veo team, players, coaches, and analysts on tactical analysis, individual feedback, sharing highlights, and how to record football easily. You can download the e-book here.

Record your games automatically with the AI-powered camera

Our revolutionary AI powered camera lets your record soccer without a camera operator. Simply set it up, press start and Veo does the rest. The 180 degree camera will record until you stop and save it, then automatically upload when connected to the internet. We receive the recording from the game as a panoramic view of the entire field. Our AI software then detects the ball to present you the broadcast view that follows the play. You then have the option to mark your own highlights, download and/or share them with players, coaches, family and friends.

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Why Veo?

Simple setup

With only a few touches, you can set up your Veo Cam 2. Simply connect your Veo Cam to your phone with the app, both available for iOS and Android. After successfully connecting your Veo Cam, you simply mount the camera on the tripod or stadium mount and elevate it to the sky for a great view. Now you are ready to press record or start the live stream from the Veo Camera App - and enjoy the game!

Easy sharing

After you have finished recording your game, you simply plug the camera into your network at home, and the game will upload to the Veo Dashboard. You can easily share goals and other highlights with coaches, players, and families. 

Live-stream your matches

There is nothing like watching sports live. Live-streaming has been a strong demand from the community, and now we deliver. Veo Cam 2 is the world’s first AI-powered sports camera that can live-stream. Get ready to bring your games to live and experience all the emotions of great victories and cruel defeats - when they happen. You can benefit from live-streaming your games regardless of your competing level. With Veo, you are just a push away from sharing your passion with the world. Fans all over the world are now able to watch games. Veo Live app is available on iOS and Android now. Follow your favorite teams, watch their matches live, and never miss a moment.

* To live-stream, you need the Live-Stream add-on on your Veo subscription. Read more about the basic requirement for Live-streaming with Veo Cam 2 here.

How to make the most of your soccer recordings with Veo Editor

Once your game is uploaded to your computer you can start to analyze and organize your videos all on one platform. The Veo Editor is the platform where you can analyze your games and training sessions. The platform comes with many different features, such as an individual player profile page with every highlight you've created so that you can share it with friends, family, and for recruiting purposes. You can also create private highlight videos, so only you or your team can watch them. And you don't have to worry about your archive getting too big since you get unlimited storage. It also lets you control the view, where you can take over the virtual camera and pan and zoom in on the picture to focus on the action away from the ball.

AI highlights
AI detects points automatically.
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Control the view
Take over the virtual camera and pan and zoom in on the picture. Turn the view away from the ball and focus on action away from the ball.
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Draw on screen
Show the feedback for your players with shapes, lines, and arrows for a more visual and engaging learning experience.
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Tag players and comment on highlights
Tag your players in highlights and make comments for the team or private messages to players to help them reach their potential.
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Create highlights
Create personal highlights, and download and share your greatest moments.
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Directed highlights
Direct highlights with no constraints. Every single player on the pitch can be in focus – all the time.
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Analyze and share your greatest moments.

Subscription from €39 / month

Take your analysis to the next level with Veo Analytics

Level up your game with Veo Analytics, the add-on with extended AI-powered analysis tools. With these tools you can, for instance, get a visualization of the teams’ struggle for domination, a 2D map that gives you the perfect overview of your players' positions, and heatmaps, which give you the average position of the players and the action. 

In this video Football Coach and Veo Sales Representative Sam Rafique will show you have to use some of the analytics tools.

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*Veo Analytics is an add-on to your subscription. Learn more about the Veo Analytics features here

Creative ways to use the camera in your training sessions

We invited coach Sam Rafique to share some of his best drill exercises and show us how he sets up the Veo cam and tripod to record the specific exercises. As a coach, you can just stay focused on the game and go back and analyze the session later on.

Download and watch the full Train Like a pro-series here.

Turning to Play Forward
This turning and passing drill is perfect for practicing coordination and quick thinking. It is also great for individual training and provides good challenges with a minimum setup.
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Receiving in Midfield
The focus of this exercise is receiving in midfield areas. This will help the players develop their receiving and decision skills.
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Dribbling square
Dribbling drills are one of the most important exercises that a coach should include in soccer practices. This simple dribbling exercise is very adaptable and allows you to coach the details close.
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How to choose the perfect subscriptions for your needs

We all have greatness in us. And we all deserve the chance to show it. Therefore it is important for us at Veo that you find the right solution for you and your team. With all the subscriptions we give you unlimited storage of recordings, unlimited access, and all the included features of Veo Editor.

Find out more about the different subscriptions and add-ons here.

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One team, unlimited users.  All players and coaches of your team have their own profile on the Veo Editor.
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For two-ten teams, unlimited users. Have up to 10 different teams with each their own space for analysis and communication on the Veo Editor.
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Unlimited teams, unlimited users. This subscription works across sports, so you can use the same camera for different sports. With this description you also get Veo Analytics for free.
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Up to three teams, up to four users per team. Choose this subscription if you want it for private purposes, and don’t need to share your recording with a team or club.

Stories from the Veo community

Today Veo is out in more than 80 countries worldwide. Over 500.000 players and coaches world are using Veo. More than 1.000.000+ hours are recorded by the members of the Veo community. Receiving feedback from our community is an essential part of developing the best solution for sports teams all over the world. Veo is driven by passion. A passion for the game and making a difference. This is who we are and why exist. 

Inter Miami
Inter Miami, has huge ambitions for the massively talented pool of youth players in South Florida. One of the ambitions is to make video analysis available for the youth teams on all levels.
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Northern New South Wales Football
We met up with two coaches and one of the players at Northern NSW in Australia to hear how they are using Veo to make the learning more concrete and study their games and training sessions.
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The football association of Iceland (KSÍ)
Most people who follow international football have noticed the rise of Iceland as a football nation in the last decade. How does the football association of Iceland, KSÍ, make sure that all talent is leveraged?
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30 days money-back guarantee
If you are not satisfied with your Veo, you may return the item within 30 days from the receipt data for a full refund.
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2 years warranty
If your Veo Cam has a defect within two years from the receipt date, we repair or replace the camera free of charge.
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Handbuilt in Denmark
We build and test all cameras before shipping from our headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.
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