Record, analyze, and share your school's games

Veo is the ultimate sports camera solution for schools. Record multiple sports and share the greatest moments with individual player profiles.

All you need in one

Capture your greatest moments with Veo Cam 3

The portable Veo Cam 3 gives you everything in one camera. The multiple sports camera automatically follows the action on the field and creates a broadcast-like experience. Live-stream your game, watch the recording immediately, and bookmark the game’s crucial moments for later – all this and much more with Veo Cam 3.

Watch it again and again

After the game, our intelligent software creates a video for you that automatically zooms and pans depending on where the action is. You can quickly browse through the AI-tagged highlights like goals, shots on goal, and corners, and you can choose to cut away the stoppage when you rewatch the game. All to save you time, so you can focus on what really matters.

Analyze and improve your game

Players are visual learners. Use video to create educational content for your players. Help each player develop their skills and guide the team to victory with Veo. As the Veo Cam records the full field at all times, you can create highlights of exactly the moments and areas of the pitch you want. You can zoom, pan, and trim the clips how you like.

“In terms of when you're looking at the game, if you're not using Veo, you're missing out.”

Framingham High School

Paul Spear

Athletic Director

An invaluable tool for schools and students

Veo is the ideal tool for schools: It’s portable, works for multiple sports, and offers one platform for everything.

One camera – multiple sports

Record your football team’s goals in the morning, capture your best lacrosse shots in the afternoon, and shoot the American football team’s deciding touchdown at night. Veo’s follow-cam follows the action in all the sports to give you a high-quality broadcast experience of your game.

Share your best moments with player profiles

With the Veo Veo Player Profiles, you can curate your own page with your greatest moments. Share your profile with college scouts, recruiters, and coaches. Using video will give you a significant advantage when competing for college scholarships.

Create unique learning experiences

Give your players the best chances to grow with fun and engaging learning experiences. With Veo, you can create unique highlight reels for each player – to share or add to their Veo Player Profile.

“The introduction of technology, game analysis, video recording, and everything that goes with it was really important for us and for our success.”

Milton High School

Kevin Gorham

Soccer Coach

Veo is for all sports

There’s nothing like watching sports live. Share all the moments of great victories and cruel defeats – as they happen.


Record football games automatically and analyze important match sequences with AI-powered analytics features.

American Football

Capture the touchdowns, field goals, turnovers, and everything else that really matters.


Every face-off, every dodge, every attack, every play that counts – captured in 4K video quality.


Record basketball and never miss those memorable three-pointers, dunks, or jump shots ever again.


Capture every point, spike, and block in great video quality. Veo is portable, so you’ll always have the focus you want.

Field hockey

Record field hockey games automatically and save all goals, dribbles, and great passes.

Trusted by schools from all around the globe

City of London School Football

Gordon’s School

Bellevue West High School

Millard North High School

South Carroll High School


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