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E-book for Players: The ultimate guide to Earning a Scholarship

We’ve packed this e-book with tips and advice on using Veo to your advantage, including how to create a stand-out player profile, make the most of Veo's analytics features, and use Veo to impress recruiters and coaches.
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Step 1. Make a great first impression
Create a Veo player profile that shows who you are as a person and a player. Take the time to give recruiters an impression of yourself and let them get to know you better. The personal information will provide a more holistic view of you and your potential as a player.
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Step 2. Highlighting what matters
It’s crucial you choose the right highlights to showcase on your Veo player profile. Focus on consistency and clips that showcase your skills and abilities across different aspects of the game. So don’t just choose your best dribbles or goals. It’ll give recruiters a better understanding of your overall playing style and potential.
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Step 3. Spread the word
Once you've created a Veo player profile, it's time to present it. Share it with your friends and family to get feedback and support and with recruiters to increase your chances of getting noticed. Your player profile is a chance to show your talent and passion for the game, so don't be shy about sharing it.

This E-book will give you insights into:

- An introduction to Veo - Athletic scholarships: step-by-step guide - Getting insights from athletes that has earned a scholarship - How to create highlight reels using Veo - How to Perfect your Player profile

"Veo was probably the most helpful thing with my recruiting"
Chayse Ying
Player committed to a D1-college

From Club to College

Meet player Chayse Ying, the dedicated D1-college player, who turned her passions into a scholarship ticket. Through the lens of a Veo camera, Chayse not only honed her skills but also captured her journey to success. Witness how Chayse's commitment and Veo's technology created a winning combo, propelling her for the field to a well-deserved scholarship.

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