Girls Academy League Partnership

Offical Video Provider of the Girls Academy

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Veo, the portable and affordable recording solution for Girls Academy teams. As the leagues official video provider, the Girls Academy will be donating $200 towards the cost of each teams Veo Camera. Girls Academy teams are required to film home games as part of their league commitments, Veo together with the Girls Academy, are here to help make this process easier and more affordable.

Veo understands the growing technological demands of the coach and player, especially in our current Covid climate, and we look forward to Veo supporting our membership throughout the year.

Ashlee Fontes-Comber
GA board of directors

It is an exciting dawn of a new era in youth sports, and seeing Veo partner with the Girls Academy affirms the leagues stated goal of providing the players with the tools, experience and resources to reach their individual potential. At Nationals, we are constantly looking to be on the forefront of the development of our players and staff as both soccer players and individual people. Veo is a crucial tool for us as it not only allows us to capture unmatched game footage, but every single training session. This allows our players and staff to evaluate, clip and share film from throughout our unique environment with our players, college coaches, and professional/youth national team scouts to both maximize development potential and enhance exposure. We are proud to be a founding member of the Girls Academy, and user of Veo, and we are excited for how this partnership will positively impact the future of youth female soccer development

David Robertson
Girls Academy Director, Nationals

These clubs are already using Veo:

Nationals Soccer

Seacoast United

LA Surf Soccer Club

Long Island Soccer Club

A few highlights from GA - recorded with Veo:

Step by step guide to get the discount:

Book A Partnership call

A Veo Representative will call you at your requeried time and guide you through all you need

Get the $200 grant automatically when talking with a Veo Representative and buying an annual subscription

Veo ships your new camera

Setup your Veo camera and record your first match

Watch, analyse, download and much more on the Veo platform

See how it works:

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