Georgia Youth Soccer X Veo

Official video provider for Georgia Youth Soccer

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“We are thrilled to bring the technological expertise of Veo and its video and analysis tools to Georgia State Soccer Association. Our ODP players, Referee Academy, Coaching Education Candidates and Cup Final Teams will all benefit from the content. Utilizing this technology will give us the opportunity for the continued development of players and referees by giving feedback as well as players and referees to utilize the video for college profiles, referee assessments, and much more.” – Laura Halfpenny, Executive Director

Georgia Youth Soccer partnership with Veo gives a $200 discount on the purchase of a Veo camera through the strategic partnership.

This offer is eligible with the purchase of any annual subscription and by using the following discount code: Georgia200 in the Veo shop or by booking a call with one of our sales representatives.

At Veo, we are very excited to partner with Georgia Youth Soccer to help players, coaches, and referees continue to develop with the aid of Veo technology.

Chris Waugh
Veo Atlantic Market Manager

The Veo camera and platform is exceptional. Our ODP and Coaching Education programs will benefit immensely from using the platform and give them an edge in development. The online platform allows for individual, group, and team analysis and clips to be easily created and shared with our players and coaches for their use. It will aid coaches in their development as well as give our players clips and analysis to showcase themselves.

Kostas Hatizkoutelis
Director of Player & Coach Development Programs

Step by step guide to get the discount:

Go to the Veo shop and build up your order

Enter the discount code Georgia200 at the checkout to get the $200 discount

Veo ships your camera

See how Veo works:

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