Official partner for USA Field Hockey

In an exciting move, Veo, a global leader in AI technology for sports video analysis, has announced a strategic partnership with USA Field Hockey, a prominent organization dedicated to fostering the growth of field hockey nationwide. The partnership between USA Field Hockey & Veo Technologies will offer all affiliated clubs and teams special rates on the AI cameras, as well as personalized support.


Exclusive Offer for USA Field Hockey affiliates

All USA Field Hockey affiliates will receive a $200 discount on the Veo Cam 3* for the duration of the partnership, along with various exclusive promotions throughout the season. This page provides detailed terms and benefits of the partnership, along with contact information to assist clubs in activating this new collaboration.

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“USA Field Hockey is grateful and thrilled to have the support and sponsorship of Veo Technologies. Modern sports programs that aim to succeed at the highest levels require technologies to help coaches and athletes better manage every step of their journey. Veo Tech is used by some of the most prominent programs in the world, including USA Field Hockey, and we hope you’ll enjoy their products and services as much as we do.”

USA Field Hockey

Ginger Wheeler

Commercial Partnership and Marketing Manager

Benefits at a glance

Interactive coaching

Veo Editor automatically creates clips of key moments from your games that you can use during coaching sessions to develop your team’s skills.

A recruitment tool

Create a profile for each of your players that can be used as a recruitment tool and for sports scholarship applications.

Attract talent

Veo’s data-driven approach and analytics features can be used to attract new talents and improve coaching performance.


No need for a camera operator – Veo Cam 3 records your games automatically

With the built-in AI powered follow-cam technology, Veo Cam 3 automatically follows the action on the pitch to produce the ultimate broadcast experience as you know it from TV. It doesn’t matter whether you play with a football, puck or any other type of ball – Veo Cam 3 works for most team sports that are played with two teams on the opposite side of each other on the pitch.


Instantly review, analyze, give feedback and share game footage with Veo

Video and data are key to helping players develop their game. It quickly and intuitively shows how they are performing and where they need to focus to improve their skills.

Veo is designed to provide high-quality video and in-game data that you can use to improve your coaching sessions and to bring out the best in all your players. It is a complete suite of video recording and analysis tools that will take your game to the next level.