Soccer recruiting video made easy. Veo automatically records football without a camera operator, makes clipping and downloading soccer highlights easy.

When players are looking to get recruited to university or college it is often tough to get recognized. Soccer scholarships are extremely valuable and being able to present yourself with a professional soccer recruiting video/highlight video is essential. It is not easy to create a soccer recruiting video. Everything from recording soccer, downloading highlights, and editing it is a difficult process. Shaky handheld recordings look unprofessional, getting a good angle from the sideline is impossible without a camera stand or equipment and even then the cameraman may just forget to turn the camera.

Veo solves it all, making soccer recording and creating your college or university soccer recruiting videos as easy as possible. Not only does Veo record without a cameraman, the AI soccer camera captures the entire field so no matter where the player is on the pitch, it is seen by Veo. You can create highlights for every player on both teams at any time from a single recording.

We offer both 12 foot and 24 foot tripods to place the soccer camera on. Providing a great recording angle amazing overview of the entire field. The tripods are portable, easy to setup and providing a steady, high angle professional shot.

Often parents of soccer teams aged 12 - 18 will get together to purchase our AI soccer camera in order to record, share highlights, and create personal recruiting videos for university and college coaches. The players and parents all have access to the recordings on their private Veo club page where they can mark their own highlights, download the entire match or the 10 sec - 5 min highlights and then clip them into the recruiting video.

A good recruiting video can go a long way to getting players into the best schools. Veo has made it easy and possible for every club, team and player to get high quality soccer recordings that can easily be clipped and exported to create your personal recruiting video. A first impression is everything and Veo makes sure its a good one.

Veo’s mission is to make professional football recording and analysis available to everyone. At an affordable price we are well on our way to capturing the 99% of matches that don’t get recorded at he moment.