Veo is the ideal solution to
automatically film soccer

Record and analyze soccer without the need of a camera operator.

Veo is the complete and affordable solution that enables soccer clubs on all levels – big or small – to record and analyze games and practices automatically.

The camera has two 4K lenses and captures 180 degrees, so it captures every single moment of the game in great video quality. 

Recording, watching, re-watching and analyzing soccer has never been easier!

Veo’s platform comes with a lot of cool features!

When you upload your Veo recording to the platform, our highly intelligent software recognizes the action on the field. With the position of players and the ball, our software creates a video for you that automatically zooms and pans like a normal TV broadcast.

But don’t worry, you still have full control!

The Veo camera records the full scope of the field at all times, allowing you to see whatever nook and cranny by simply using your mouse to drag the camera to the place on the field you want to see.

Four different views

Watch your recordings in four different views. Take over the camera and focus on exactly what you want.

Create and share highlights

Create your own highlights, write comments, tag players, download and share every highlight.

Draw on screen

Players are visual learners. Illustrate the feedback for your players with shapes, lines and arrows.

Directed highlights

Take over the camera and direct your own highlights. Every action on the field can be in focus.

Automatic highlight detection

When your game is processed, Artificial Intelligence automatically detects highlights.

  • AI finds goals, kickoffs and halftime.
  • Save time and get a quick overview of your game.
  • Download and share highlights.

The fact that we can mount the camera and just leave it up standing and it follows the ball, is a really good feature.

Shawn Young
Performance Analyst, Burnley Football Club U18

Everybody wants to get the most out of the talents. And then you need, in the modern game, to have the technology to be able to do it. You have to analyze your sessions, you have to analyze your games. You have to help your individual talents to help them grow.

Freyr Alexandersson
Assistant Coach, Iceland Men's National Team

The greatest part of the camera is the fact that I don’t have to worry about it and I can dedicate my time to coaching.

Gibran Tevar
Head Coach, Inter Miami CF U12

For me as an analyst, Veo is a game changer. Before, I filmed all the matches myself. Now, I can code live because the camera is doing the filming for me. For us, it’s a perfect tool.

Maxime Chalier
Academy Video Analyst, Impact Montreal

Veo has literally transformed our football programme. For years we have been searching for a solution to video matches, tag events, analyse the footage, and share with the staff and players. I had given up on finding a one fits all solution that was both affordable and not reliant upon having staff to film, edit and produce the footage. Veo literally is all this and more. We put the camera at the top of the tripod, press record and then plug it in when we return to the office. Veo’s “bots” do the rest and by the time the players wake up the next morning, they have tagged match footage that is excellent quality and follows play. All of this without a human having to control a camera or edit the footage…incredible. We are using it for other sports with the same precision which means more of our students are gaining the benefit that it clearly brings.

Jono Santry
Head of Football at City of London School and Head Coach of ISFA U18

Veo allows the coaching staff to tag highlights or pieces of data and share them with players which is invaluable when you’re dealing with semi-professionals who’s not in the club every day, but still want to improve and compete at their threshold.

Joe Baker
Club Secretary, Harlow Ladies FC

Burnley Football Club

Everton Football Club

Leicester Football Club

Wolverhampton Wanderers

English Schools FA

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