Weston FC Partnership

Official Video Provider for Weston FC

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Weston, FL – Weston FC, one of the top youth soccer clubs in the country, and Veo, the industry leader in game filming, have teamed up to provide Weston FC staff and players with more opportunities to access and utilize game film. Through its unique AI technology Veo is the portable and affordable solution that helps soccer teams record and analyze matches, as well as training sessions, without the need of a camera operator.

Weston FC is excited to expand the ability of its technical staff to analyze game film including the highlighting of individual players’ actions, techniques, and movements. Through Veo, Weston FC will make game film easily accessible to players and families.

Veo was founded in 2015 when the CEO missed his son’s games. The revolutionary AI-powered camera lets your record soccer without a cameraman. Simply set it up, press start and Veo does the rest. The 180-degree camera will record until you stop and save it, then automatically upload when connected to the internet. The recording from the game is a panoramic view of the entire field. Veo’s AI software then detects the ball to present you with the broadcast view that follows the play. You then have the option to mark your own highlights, download and/or share them with players, coaches, family, and friends.

Weston FC members are entitled to claim a $150 discount on the purchase of a Veo camera through our strategic partnership.

This offer is eligible with the purchase of any annual subscription and by using the following discount code: Weston150 in the Veo shop or by booking a call with one of our sales representatives.

Veo is very excited to partner with Weston FC. Learning about the direction, leadership, and philosophy of the club along with the work they do to support their players and staff showed that Veo and Weston FC were going to make a great partnership

Chris Waugh
Veo Marketing Director

Step by step guide to get the discount:

Go to the Veo shop and build up your order

Enter the discount code Weston150 at the checkout to get the $150 discount

Veo ships your camera

See how Veo works:

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