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Weston Cup and Veo have entered an exclusive partnered to provide an affordable and easy way to capture your games. This relationship will help enhance the experience for this year’s 2021 tournament. 

All teams will have the opportunity to rent a Veo system for the weekend with full access to our equipment and platform. This package will consist of;

– Veo Camera
– Tripod
– 30-day access to the Veo platform.

Veo will also offer three lucky participants the chance to win a camera for the weekend – FREE OF CHARGE. Enter the competition here

Veo is the #1 A.I. filming product available, with no camera operator needed.

Weston Cup and Showcase in Florida and one of the biggest tournaments in the United States and is Florida’s premier Presidents’ Day Weekend Tournament for boys & girls teams. In 2020, the Weston Cup & Showcase had 750+ teams from throughout Florida, multiple states, and international groups.

The Weston Cup & Showcase is very excited to have Veo as a partner and providing videoing and game recording services to teams participating in the Weston Cup. With Veo, teams can easily record and analyze matches and serve as a great tool for player development.

Bill Fisher
Tournament Director

These clubs are already using Veo:

Weston FC

Inter Miami CF

Rush SC


This is how you rent a Veo system:

Reserve your Veo package

Attend one of our Veo booths to collect your equipment.

Film all your games

Upload your games to the Veo platform

Return your equipment

Enjoy the results

See how it works:

Play Video