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Record all your games automatically!

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Tiger Tournaments and Veo have entered into an exclusive partnership to provide an affordable and easy way to capture your games. This relationship will help enhance the overall experience you receive at Tiger Tournaments.

With the demand for video taking off, Tiger Tournaments and Veo are working together to make capturing games just that little easier.

Rent a Veo
All teams will have the opportunity to rent a Veo system for the weekend with full access to our equipment and platform. This package will consist of;

– Veo Camera
– Tripod
– 60-day access to the Veo platform.

Veo Competition
Veo will also be offering 4 lucky participants the chance to win a camera for the weekend. Capture an unlimited amount of games all weekend, for FREE!

Competition forms will be emailed out 2 weeks before your tournament is due to begin. The winners will be announced Tuesday, before the start of each event

Tiger Tournaments provide professionalism in their organization along with:

Quality Fields
Quality Referees
Quality Competition
Quality Awards

Join Tiger Tournaments and Veo this year as we look to capture some incredible moments!

Veo is proud to partner with Tiger Tournaments for all of their events. After attending just one Tiger tournament I could see how organized and professional the staff were. They are truly committed to providing a quality experience for all teams attending their events.

Lee Hudson
US Market Manager

Step by step guide to get your camera:

Reserve your Veo package

Visit our Veo booth to collect your equipment

Film an unlimited amount of games

Upload games to the Veo platform

Return your equipment

Watch, Analyse and Evaluate

See how Veo works:

Play Video