Massachusetts Youth Soccer x Veo

Official video provider for Massachusetts Youth Soccer

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Massachusetts Youth Soccer, is a nonprofit educational and service organization, is dedicated to the ongoing development of youth soccer players, coaches, referees, clubs, and leagues in an inclusive, safe, affordable, and fun environment.

Massachusetts Youth Soccer supports US Soccer’s efforts to make soccer the preeminent sport for all children, creating a lifelong passion and love for the game.

Massachusetts Youth Soccer Believe in:

  • Leadership is driven by fair play and sportsmanship
  • Affordable and inclusive player development
  • Commitment to education of coaches, referees, and clubs
  • Promoting a fun, safe, and healthy soccer environment

Mass Youth Soccer is excited to partner with VEO to support players in programs across the State. Veo’s pricing, simplicity of use, and accessibility for coaches and parents will provide thousands of players with the ability to capture the memories and enjoyment of the game, create highlights and share with friends and family across the world. 

We are excited to offer Mass Youth Soccer members discounted pricing for VEO equipment and subscriptions so that they can showcase the wonderful environments and opportunities they provide for players in their local communities.

Mike Borislow
Executive Director, Mass Youth Soccer

The most important quality for a soccer player is the ability to Read and Understand the game. Video footage is an incredibly powerful tool to advancing player development through the application of the learning cycle. 

The requirement for expensive equipment and time spent to upload and edit footage has been a difficult hurdle to overcome for many coaches and organizations in the past. We are therefore very excited that Mass Youth Soccer’s partnership with Veo will provide our member programs and players participating in Mass Youth Soccer programming with the opportunity to empower coaches, players, and parents with high-quality video using technology that is simple to use, upload and share.

Ian Mulliner
Technical Director, Mass Youth Soccer

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