IYSA Partners with Veo

Official video supplier of IYSA

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Illinois Youth Soccer Association is a non-profit organization emphasizing education, whose purpose is to promote and conduct skill-based youth development programs in a safe environment that empower children, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, size, ability level, or economic status, to learn skills, lead a healthy lifestyle, value education, improve their social interaction and to focus their energy into a positive outcome. The Association also provides job training by offering and conducting nationally recognized coaching and referee courses; fun, age-specific, skill learning activities; and the Olympic Development Program that provides children with the opportunity to reach their potential.

The benefit this partnership provides to our members is from larger clubs to smaller clubs it gives everyone the opportunity to capture good video. These videos can be used for memories, highlight reels or assist players seeking potential scholarships. Coaches with this platform can now provide a great service to their members as well as providing great needed feedback needed for their staff.

IYSA will be using Veo to benefit our states ODP, coaching education and our State tournament series. From there we will be able to provide fantastic opportunities of reflection, feedback and analysis for all players, teams and coaches within the state of Illinois.

Illinois Youth Soccer is excited to be working with VEO again. We were able to utilize VEO for ODP, coaching education and our cups competitions this past year during a challenging Covid season. Veo is a leader in the video camera industry and it made complete sense for Illinois Youth Soccer to be part of this breakthrough video camera technology.

Adam Howarth
Director of Coaching, IYSA

Veo is excited to continue to add value to Illinois Youth Soccer. As a former player and coach, I understand how video technology helps players understand visual moments that you are describing. Whether video technology is be used for player/coach development or to share with family who were unable to attend events, Veo has got you covered.

Kris Lyons
USA Great Lakes Veo Market Manager

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