Cal United Strikers FC X Veo

Official video provider for Cal United

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Veo and Cal United Strikers FC are teaming up to provide their teams and affiliates with the ultimate video experience.

Veo never misses a moment, filming automatically with 4K lenses at 180 degrees, and we now give Cal United Strikers FC the opportunity to empower coaches, players, and parents with high-quality video using technology that is simple to use, upload and share. Boasting some incredible talents through the years, like Bobby Wood and Christian Ramirez having played for Cal United’s coveted youth program Strikers FC, Veo will now help capture those unforgettable moments and support the uncovering of future talents in the historic Southern California club.

The Club will be utilizing Veo at premier games, along with posting footage on the Cal United Strikers FC website and sharing it with professional teams and college coaches.

Teams and clubs affiliated with Cal United Strikers FC, can receive a $200 discount on their camera when combining it with an annual subscription. To receive more information please follow the attached steps.

With all the demands and costs associated with playing youth games today, it is very nice to have a video product that is self contained, self operated and produces top quality game film. We have been very impressed with the VEO product and their software, and it is a great tool to have for our players and families.

Don Ebert
Head Coach for Cal United Strikers FC & Technical Director/Director of Strikers FC

We are extremely excited to partner with Veo. They’re the ultimate video recording platform.

Now we are able to watch the games with incredible clarity and able to get it out to all of our players within hours of our game. This really puts us where we want to be in all areas within our Club.

I really can’t say enough about the quality of this exceptional product and how easy it is to set up and operate.

Our Youth Program will be utilizing Veo as well. This is cutting edge technology and it will be a huge asset to all our younger teams.

Michael Collins
President & General Manager

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Step by step guide to get the discount:

Fill out form

Our sales department will contact you

Get discount applied to your order when purchasing an annual subscription

Veo ships your new camera

Setup your Veo and record your first match

Watch, analyze, download and much more

See how Veo works:

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