Kansas State Youth Soccer Partnership with Veo

Official video provider to KSYSA

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As part of the continued partnership between KSYSA and Veo, we are offering the chance for 1 lucky team associated to KSYSA to win a free Veo to use for 60 days. All you need to do is fill out the competition form and at the end where it asks for more information, simply tell us why your team should win. We will announce the lucky winner on March 26th and you’ll be filming by April.

Kansas State Youth Soccer Association, Inc. is a member of the US Soccer Federation (USSF) and US Youth Soccer and was officially recognized in 1981 as the sanctioned youth soccer organization for the state of Kansas.

Kansas Youth Soccer has a current membership base of over 26,000 youth players, 1,600 active coaches, 1,600 referees, and thousands of volunteers through its network of over 30 affiliate member leagues/clubs across the state of Kansas.

Kansas Youth Soccer is excited to partner with Veo! This partnership adds a new element of video analysis services that we can provide our members involved in our ODP program, coaching education pathway, and KSYSA State Tournaments. The Veo system is leading the way that clubs and organizations are implementing video that is easy to use for coaches and players to analyze.

The Veo/Kansas Youth Soccer partnership allows us to provide a substantial discount for our member clubs when purchasing the equipment for the system. Providing access to valuable equipment and services is important to KSYSA. I believe we have accomplished both goals with our VEO partnership.

We are looking forward to all the great ways KSYSA can utilize VEO as a part of our development pathways for players, coaches, referees, and clubs across Kansas.

Our coaches and players within the Kansas Olympic Development Program (ODP) will have the ability to breakdown the game into greater detail by using the tools and features within the VEO system to expand player vision, enhance recognition of situations, and speed up decision making within the game.

Additional opportunities we are excited to push forward with are: the players’ abilities to create their own highlight videos for reflection and improvement, along with recruitment for next-level play; KSYSA Coaching Education opportunities to impact and engage members across the state for discussions on trends within games, analyze the effectiveness of session topic and delivery of content, and refine our coaching toolkit through greater feedback and self-reflection.

Finally, an ability for all KSYSA clubs to access and utilize Veo with a great discount through the KSYSA code, and ultimately, incorporate user-friendly technology and video into their player and coach development process in tremendous ways. VEO technology allows for more layers of the game to come together with greater ease, and I’m excited about how it can positively impact soccer in Kansas.

To claim your KSYSA discount, please schedule a time with a Veo sales associate per the information on the right-hand side.

The goal for the Veo partnership for KSYSA, is to provide access to its members the most advanced video technology for coaches, players and referees development that is mobile and easy to use, at price that is affordable. Most people are visual learners, watching the game and/or seeing themselves, will only help in their long-term development. Capturing quality film that coaches, players and referees can view, edit and analyze is one of the most elusive things to find in youth sport. The Veo/KSYSA Partnership can help provide all of the video needs for our members at an affordable price.

Joe Burger
Executive Director, KSYSA

Enjoy these beautiful goals from Kansas State Youth Soccer

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