Indiana Soccer Partners with Veo

Official video supplier for Indiana Soccer

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Indiana Soccer has a current membership base of over 60,000 youth players, 3,000 adult players, 8,000 active coaches, 3,800 referees and thousands of volunteers through its network of over 140 local member clubs across the state of Indiana with the goal of creating a fun, positive, healthy, and safe environment incorporating the principles of fair play and good sportsmanship.

The benefit Veo provides our members is that teams are able to watch film of games together as a group whether in person or virtually is of huge value. For coaches to share highlights with college coaches or others will help player development and recruiting.

VEO will be used across all of Indiana Soccer Platforms. This will include:

– Coaching Education
– Referees Analysis

To claim your discount and purchase your Veo equipment, please fill out the sales request form on the right-hand side.

The ability for our ODP coaches to break down video and share assessments with players will enhance the current development of everyone. In addition, the players’ ability to create a highlight video for college, and other playing venues, will give Indiana ODP players an opportunity to enrich their current toolbox.

Todd Sheely
Director of Indiana ODP/IDP (Indiana Development Program)

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