Albion Memorial Day Tournament

Showcase Tournament
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Watch your games here

Throughout the weekend, you will see our Veo reps capturing certain games. To ensure you receive the footage, please register by clicking the button below.

Rent a Veo

All teams will have the opportunity to rent a Veo system for the weekend with full access to our equipment and platform. This package will consist of;

– Veo Camera
– Tripod
– 60-day access to the Veo platform.

If you chose to buy your camera within 14 days of the event, you will be credited your Rent-a-veo towards your overall purchase.

Win a Veo

Enter here for your chance to win a Veo for the weekend and a 30 day trial of our Veo editor!

Albion Memorial Day Tournament

Albion Soccer Club Las Vegas and Veo have entered an exclusive partnered to provide an affordable and easy way to capture your games. This relationship will help enhance the experience for all the attending teams.

With the demand for video increasing, Veo and Albion Soccer Club Las Vegas are teaming up to ensure those key moments are captured with ease.

Veo is a portable sports camera that captures games automatically, with no camera operator required. No need to film with your phone or carry around heavy equipment. Veo takes 2 minutes to set up, hit record on our smartphone, then sit back and enjoy the game. Veo will capture all the action so you never miss a moment.

Reserve your Veo package:

Reserve your Veo package
Visit one of our Veo booths to collect your equipment
Film an unlimited amount of games
Upload games to the Veo platform
Return your equipment
Watch, analyse and evaluate

See how it works:

Play Video